Flat Out

4 Dec

I was never really a fan of flats, that is until I got my first big girl job in college. I was always more of a boots, pumps, or flip-flops kind of girl. Boots when it was cold, high heels when I went out, flip-flops every other hour of the day, those were the options! Flats just seemed a little too reminiscent of being 5. Which I suppose now is half of their appeal.

In all honesty flats effortlessly combine fashion with function and the result is nothing short of a miracle made in arch saving heaven. From the minute I bought my first pair of Michael Kors ballet flats with the little black bow at the toe, I literally danced my way through the day. 

Sort of like a little vacation for your feet. Your toes are warm and cozy without being smashed in the pointy toe of a pump. You arch is flat against the ground (as it should be), with a little more sole support than a pair of Rainbows was ever able to offer.

All in all the flat should be a well-known inhabitant of your closet. You can dress up a tee-shirt and jeans, or maintain the girly ensemble of a skirt and tights, either way you wear them your feet will thank you!

Valentino Sequin, $695

Christian Louboutin , $495

Tory Burch, $250

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $280

You gotta have sole!

xoxo CP


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