Simple Pleasures

18 Nov

I find that as I get older I tend to appreciate the little things in life so much more. The slightest delights that use to go unnoticed and were perhaps even taken for granted are now the simple pleasures that add joy and wonder to each and every day.

For instance, those warm chocolate chip cookies reception gives you as you check into the DoubleTree Hotel never fail to appease me. I always wonder “How do they keep them so warm and freshly baked?” Do they have a little oven behind the desk? It’s a little taste of home away from home, and I as I sat in the lobby this morning eating my DoubleTree cookie the day suddenly felt a lot more welcoming.

Among some of the smaller yet equally satisfying things in life, the festive cups Starbucks coffee comes in this time of year. The little red and white winter scene complete with some inspiring words of holiday cheer, always makes me smile.

Nothing quite rivals a sweetly scented bubble bath! As a child you love this time of night, you get to climb into a mini hot tub and play with toys while someone else gently washes your hair. At the age of approximately 9 and a half you suddenly become “too old” to bathe and you much prefer a shower, after all you can do it yourself! Then somewhere in your twenties you realize the luxury of actually having time to take a bath and any vacant evening will welcome the chance to slide into an alter world of bubbles and relaxation for as long as your cell phone will let you.

More smile worthy happenings:

Finding a new pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

Hearing your favorite song  on the radio.

Coming home from work to homemade soup and a candle lit room.

Days when everything seems to just go your way.

Thank you day for being so wonderful!

What is happiness to you…?

XoXo cpFashionista


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