Watch This

17 Nov
I have long been a proponent of watch wearing, as I find it adds a certain finishing touch to any outfit that escalates the professionalism of the person wearing said watch. Not that I actually use my watch to tell time, in fact I still scramble for my cell phone to check the hour. None the less, the watch is a necessary accessory that enhances the outfit. It can also act as a stand-alone accessory to create color and vibrancy and really make a statement.

Here are some wearable winter trends to watch for.

Pink- Maintains a modern and polished look while staying feminine and strong. Ultra bold and catchy.

Contrast- Creates a simultaneously chic and trendy timepiece. Think gold with a bold black face, even gold with silver, or prints with flashy colors.

Smooth Shape-In an attempt to stay sleek and sophisticated the watch has gone stream line. Smooth lines generate a uniform fluidity that can be describes as almost gentle . No sharp corners or sudden lines, just a smooth shape to keep you in line.

Jewelry-  It’s a bracelet, no it’s a watch, wait…it’s a bracelet watch! Meant to be flashy and attention demanding. Playful and fun reminding you not to take anything, let alone the time, too seriously.  Think Juicy and Lucky Brand items and anything with charms.

Elite Croc Leather, $72

Perspex Pink Crystal, $367

Fossil Multifunction, $95

Michael Kors Black/Gold, $199

Michael Kors Tortoise, $180

Fossil Two-Tone, $115

Calvin Klein Bangle, $309

Coach Narrow Watch, $458

Calvin Klein Cuff, $467

Dolce & Gabbana Ring, $417

Alchemy Gothic, $88

Betsey Johnson Pendant, $95

Which one to choose, only time will tell.

XoXo cpFashionista


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