A Sign of the Times

10 Nov

NOV 09 Market 032

Despite the fact that the New York standard of living has not decreased in the least bit, during my recent stint in the big city I did notice several instances that struck me as odd and also truly indicative of the times.

NOV 09 Market 016

NOV 09 Market 017

The first scenario happened at the very beginning of my jam-packed 3-day meeting extravaganza through Manhattan. Upon exiting the elevator on the ninth floor of the Conde Nast building the first thing I noticed was the emptiness. Where once several receptionists had occupied cubicles now stood a small end table and a phone with a directory, that’s it. A DIY approach to front desk service I suppose. While still slightly shocked and somewhat confused I attempted to locate the person with whom I was meeting, no such luck. After 20 minutes and several skeptical looks from a lurking security guard I was finally rescued. Needless to say, I am not so much a fan of the no-receptionist situation.

NOV 09 Market 010

The second disappointment took place during the customary trip to the monstrosity known as Forever 21, dominating a full corner of Harold Square one would think they would sell pretty much everything. You would think. You would be wrong. I know, I was just as much in shock as you will soon be. For as I wandered through the tri level retail haven in search of the accessories floor I was greeted with nothing more than 4…only FOUR, measly racks of mostly gold  chain necklaces. Here I had my heart set on a whole new wardrobe of cheap accessories and to my dismay left empty-handed (from that department any way).

The trip was saved only by the large array of tutus I found to supplement the gap in the childhood themed section of my closet. But we’ll get into that later.

It still amuses me to see the undocumented ways in which the economy affects things we so often take for granted.

Thank goodness for LA Forevers!

XoXo CPfashionista


One Response to “A Sign of the Times”

  1. aw November 10, 2009 at 1:20 am #

    wow, glad you posted the posted the economic point of view. Sure seems worse then last year.

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