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Count ’em

25 Nov

This time of year always has a way of making you appreciate things you don’t generally stop to recognize any other month of the year. A new found excitement takes root in the very soul of December and makes people merry simply because they are alive.

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving and being that I am just so very thankful for so many things, I would like to take a minute to count my blessings.

I am thankful for a wonderful family I able to road trip home to for the holidays!

I am thankful for way too much yummy food and lots and lots of apple pie!

I am thankful for having a job I absolutely love! (And for good fitting jeans!)

I am thankful for the amazing man in my life who I so adore!

I am thankful for four-day weekends!

I am thankful for love and life!

I am thankful for health and happiness!

I am thankful for faith!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

XoXo cp


All Laced Up

24 Nov

In these past few weeks I have become somewhat enamored with all things lace. There is something so tastefully dainty and yet slightly sultry about a peek of lace that adds such a necessary dimension to any outfit. From sheer lacey tanks to mere lace accented booties, there is  a captured femininity no other texture can exude.  I would venture to say that lace tights are my guilty indulgence this season and so far I have accumulated half of a drawer full already, and I’m just getting started.

Here are some ways I love to show-off my laceys:

Pull on a pair of lace footless tights OVER your regular or denim leggings for a super edgy look. Thank you DenimBlog for this one!

Let your lace tights peek out UNDER a pair of super destroy denim jeans for a rock meets rebel feel, awesome.

Wear some fun patterned lace tights WITH a pair of knee or thigh high (or any height for that matter) boots and your favorite LBD just got an instant make-over.

TRANSITION your short shorts and minis from skin showing summer to chilly winter by throwing on a pair of lace tights underneath.

Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses, $20

Dorothy Perkins, $9.89

Forever 21 Blossom, $5.80

TopShop Regal Print, $13

Lipsy Bow, $16

Miss Selfridge Yoke Top, $46

Dolce & Gabbana Platform, $535

So lace up and look out…tights just got a lot more exciting!


Simple Pleasures

18 Nov

I find that as I get older I tend to appreciate the little things in life so much more. The slightest delights that use to go unnoticed and were perhaps even taken for granted are now the simple pleasures that add joy and wonder to each and every day.

For instance, those warm chocolate chip cookies reception gives you as you check into the DoubleTree Hotel never fail to appease me. I always wonder “How do they keep them so warm and freshly baked?” Do they have a little oven behind the desk? It’s a little taste of home away from home, and I as I sat in the lobby this morning eating my DoubleTree cookie the day suddenly felt a lot more welcoming.

Among some of the smaller yet equally satisfying things in life, the festive cups Starbucks coffee comes in this time of year. The little red and white winter scene complete with some inspiring words of holiday cheer, always makes me smile.

Nothing quite rivals a sweetly scented bubble bath! As a child you love this time of night, you get to climb into a mini hot tub and play with toys while someone else gently washes your hair. At the age of approximately 9 and a half you suddenly become “too old” to bathe and you much prefer a shower, after all you can do it yourself! Then somewhere in your twenties you realize the luxury of actually having time to take a bath and any vacant evening will welcome the chance to slide into an alter world of bubbles and relaxation for as long as your cell phone will let you.

More smile worthy happenings:

Finding a new pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

Hearing your favorite song  on the radio.

Coming home from work to homemade soup and a candle lit room.

Days when everything seems to just go your way.

Thank you day for being so wonderful!

What is happiness to you…?

XoXo cpFashionista

Watch This

17 Nov
I have long been a proponent of watch wearing, as I find it adds a certain finishing touch to any outfit that escalates the professionalism of the person wearing said watch. Not that I actually use my watch to tell time, in fact I still scramble for my cell phone to check the hour. None the less, the watch is a necessary accessory that enhances the outfit. It can also act as a stand-alone accessory to create color and vibrancy and really make a statement.

Here are some wearable winter trends to watch for.

Pink- Maintains a modern and polished look while staying feminine and strong. Ultra bold and catchy.

Contrast- Creates a simultaneously chic and trendy timepiece. Think gold with a bold black face, even gold with silver, or prints with flashy colors.

Smooth Shape-In an attempt to stay sleek and sophisticated the watch has gone stream line. Smooth lines generate a uniform fluidity that can be describes as almost gentle . No sharp corners or sudden lines, just a smooth shape to keep you in line.

Jewelry-  It’s a bracelet, no it’s a watch, wait…it’s a bracelet watch! Meant to be flashy and attention demanding. Playful and fun reminding you not to take anything, let alone the time, too seriously.  Think Juicy and Lucky Brand items and anything with charms.

Elite Croc Leather, $72

Perspex Pink Crystal, $367

Fossil Multifunction, $95

Michael Kors Black/Gold, $199

Michael Kors Tortoise, $180

Fossil Two-Tone, $115

Calvin Klein Bangle, $309

Coach Narrow Watch, $458

Calvin Klein Cuff, $467

Dolce & Gabbana Ring, $417

Alchemy Gothic, $88

Betsey Johnson Pendant, $95

Which one to choose, only time will tell.

XoXo cpFashionista

Interview: Miss New York Finalist

11 Nov

Miss New Yorki

Last Thursday at a far too crowded Starbucks in Manhattan I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with the very motivated and beautiful Miss New York finalist, Jennifer Garcia.

She was kind enough to take some time out of her crazy busy schedule to meet and tell me what she’s all about. By the end of our quick meet and greet she had thoroughly warmed my heart and won me over, let me just say if I was a pageant judge, she would have won already.

From her picture I expected to be meeting with a glammed up city girl but as it turned out she was so much more than formal wear and crowns. She is driven and motivated with big ambitions and high (high) self standards. At the tender age of 18 I can confidently muse this girl is going places.

Name: Jennifer Garcia

Age: 18

Major: Double majoring in  Government and International Law (wow! beautiful and intelligent!)

Interviewer: You seem very acquainted with the city, have you lived in New York your whole lie?

Jennifer: I was born in New York but actually moved back to where my parents are from shortly after and was raised in the Dominican Republic. I moved back here for school and I know live with my grandmother. I really do like it here.

I: What is your favorite thing about New York?

J: I love the movement. People are always moving, doing things, seeing things, everything is always new because nothing ever stays still. The change is exciting. You have to move quickly, literally, or you’ll get lost in the crowd.

I: You must travel a lot, being in pageants and all, what was your favorite place to visit?

J: I have been to a lot of states. But Canada was by far my favorite. So refreshing, so…clean. Very different from the city in practically every respect.

I: What do you like to do in your free time?

J: Free time? There is no such thing in my life as of late. I have school every day during the week, starting early in the morning I catch the train into Manhattan where I attend class all day. I study from 4-8 everyday. So I don’t really have time for friends. I am very dedicated to my schooling at the moment.

I: So I guess fashion is out then, of very little interest at all to you?

J: For the most part. I do love shoes. And there are certain aspects of the competition that require a sense of fashion. It mostly has to do with the way I present myself, I obviously need to look respectable and put together, very professional.

I: Wow. I admire that sort of commitment, so what exactly do you want to do with your degree?

J: I am going to go to law school to become a lawyer.

I: So Miss America wants to be lawyer. Planning to solve world hunger as well I suppose. Just kidding. No but really why do you compete? What does a law student want with pageants?

J: There’s a lot I can do with that image. It’s a respected accomplishment that can open many doors. In essence it is a tool to other accomplishments. Winning Miss New York validates me in so many ways.

I: What would you do if you won?

J: Education has always been very important to me. Here in New York it is very expensive to get a good education. There are so many schools in unsafe areas that they really don’t facilitate a good education. I want to help kids on the street who don’t have the opportunity to go to a good school,  I want to make it easier for kids who want to go to college to be able to go. I really would love to be able to give back. My schooling and education has been so beneficial, I want to pass that on.

As you can see this girl is wise beyond her years and certainly a delight to converse with. I wish her the best of luck and Celebrity Pink will continue to sponsor her through her endeavours.

XoXo cpFashionista

City Slickers

10 Nov
In preparation for the colder weather of the East coast I spent hours dreaming up cozy outfits with super chic accessories and finally came to the conclusion I needed to stop. New York elicits such a sense of  stylish urgency I just couldn’t wait to be a part of it. It seems every component of a person’s ensemble has a distinctly decided purpose and everyone has a specific destination of the utmost importance to attend to.
I love the way blacks and greys are used to create an effortless chic look while sassy splashes of color seamlessly emphasize the posh affect. Taxi cab yellow pea coats and City Slicker bright red lipstick add dimension to a very monochromatic situation. The end result is flawless city style.
So here’s to New Yorkers and their impeccable sense of fashion.
XoXo cpFashionista

A Sign of the Times

10 Nov

NOV 09 Market 032

Despite the fact that the New York standard of living has not decreased in the least bit, during my recent stint in the big city I did notice several instances that struck me as odd and also truly indicative of the times.

NOV 09 Market 016

NOV 09 Market 017

The first scenario happened at the very beginning of my jam-packed 3-day meeting extravaganza through Manhattan. Upon exiting the elevator on the ninth floor of the Conde Nast building the first thing I noticed was the emptiness. Where once several receptionists had occupied cubicles now stood a small end table and a phone with a directory, that’s it. A DIY approach to front desk service I suppose. While still slightly shocked and somewhat confused I attempted to locate the person with whom I was meeting, no such luck. After 20 minutes and several skeptical looks from a lurking security guard I was finally rescued. Needless to say, I am not so much a fan of the no-receptionist situation.

NOV 09 Market 010

The second disappointment took place during the customary trip to the monstrosity known as Forever 21, dominating a full corner of Harold Square one would think they would sell pretty much everything. You would think. You would be wrong. I know, I was just as much in shock as you will soon be. For as I wandered through the tri level retail haven in search of the accessories floor I was greeted with nothing more than 4…only FOUR, measly racks of mostly gold  chain necklaces. Here I had my heart set on a whole new wardrobe of cheap accessories and to my dismay left empty-handed (from that department any way).

The trip was saved only by the large array of tutus I found to supplement the gap in the childhood themed section of my closet. But we’ll get into that later.

It still amuses me to see the undocumented ways in which the economy affects things we so often take for granted.

Thank goodness for LA Forevers!

XoXo CPfashionista

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