Frightfully Fun

30 Oct

Halloween 001

With revenue figures comparable only to Christmas, Halloween has easily become one of the most anticipated and celebrated day of the year. Perhaps this is attributed to the brief moment when grown-ups can dress like children and in effect act like them as well. 

Month long preparations are just part of the overall experience. Between willfully scaring ourselves to picking out the perfect pumpkin, no detail is too small to forgo for this holiday. Weeks of perusing Halloween superstores for the perfect costume sometimes pays off, but most of the time everyone just looks like everyone else.

What are you?

 Oh, I’m a slutty sailor.

Who me? I’m a sexy pirate.

How did making something borderline pornographic suddenly deem it an acceptable public “costume,” I am not sure. But in any event today we played at work and believe it or not our costumes were actually pretty original! Among them Lady Gaga, Hercules, a plethora of trendy vampires, scary clowns, and even a cute little girl scout.

Halloween 003

Halloween 011

Halloween 015

Happy Haunting!

XoXo cpFashionista


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