White Out

29 Oct

fall bride

I would like to start by clarifying that when I say “White Out” I am in no way referencing the Kate Beckinsale box office disappointment nor am I referring to the common winter snow storm occurence.

What I have actually come to notice is that with the changing of seasons has come a certain shifting in demeanor as well. With “the most wonderful time of year” just around the corner and the holiday season itself already upon us in full force an affect reminiscent of good old fashioned love seems to linger in the air. Which would explain why fall weddings are more popular than ever with the number of October nuptials in specific increasing exponentially.

WWD was kind enough to support this trend with several bride-to-be articles including a sneak-peek at lust worthy white gowns from some of the hottest bridal couture designers, the likes of Vera Wang, Amsale, and Douglas Hannant. These dresses are adorned with enough frivolity to impress even the witchiest bridezilla. Apparently beading, faux flowers, ruching, and excessive amounts of tulle are dress components to be desired.




I’m sorry, did I miss the Cinderella revival?

XoXo cpFashionista


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