City Love

23 Oct

new york

You may or may not have been previously aware of my obsession with New York City, but in any event…I confess I am in love! There is just something about that city that makes me ridiculously giddy, like a little kid in a candy store. I want to see everything and go everywhere and I never want to leave. Which is why I am more than thrilled to be attending November market on a media tour of sorts. Between a gazillion editor meetings I should be able to squeeze in a little shopping and “city soaking,” don’t you think.

In no particular order, my favorite things about The Big Apple, which of course is open to additions:

1. No matter the duration of the stay I always insist on walking everywhere! There is no easier city to navigate and possibly no where else in the entire United States where you can get anywhere simply by walking there. Raining, snowing, sleeting (ok, maybe not sleeting) but I am so down to bundle up and  make my way through the always crowded streets.

2. And I mean always! Aside from the sun/moon thing, Times Square always looks like broad daylight…lights, people, taxi cabs, quite literally the city never sleeps. Which is why I continually wonder how they pulled off the whole Tom-Cruise-deathly-still-Times-Square scene in Vanilla Sky?!

times square

3. Not that cupcakes aren’t currently the most trendy food accessory in LA but I do believe NY was home to the original cupcake-store concept. There are bakeries every couple of blocks boasting vibrantly frosted morsels of goodness and unique flavor combinations that are definitely to be desired, craved, and ultimately consumed. Among some of my favorites, Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery and Magnolia Bakery.


4. Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity. A definite must!

5. Wearing peacoats and mittens. The only trouble being that the number of coats I want to bring and the actual number that will fit into my luggage are somewhat different. The favorite coat this year has to be my new eggplant purple Kristen Blake a-line, it is practically jumping out of my closet in anticipation of cold weather.

6. Friendly people. I know New Yorkers have a reputation for being cold and somewhat unamiable but they are really quite helpful people. If you stand on a corner and just look lost someone will ask you if you need directions, I swear I love these city folk!

7. Central Park. Walking through Strawberry Fields and any of the surrounding area you can’t help but get the feeling you are in a scene straight from a movie.

8. The view from your hotel room, or any building for that matter. Heck even from a cab. Taking in the lights and excitement the city exudes is simply breathtaking.

9. The nightlife. Here in Los Angeles going out feels so planned and so showy. The girls who look like they spent far too long getting ready, the lines of guys trying to get into the clubs to see these girls, the pretentious heir so many think they are entitled to, it just seems forced. But in New York you stop into a bar and everyone looks sort of natural, there’s a definite portrayal of confidence that SoCal definitely lacks.

10. The drive to succeed. People seem motivated and with purpose and it’s contagious. Just being there makes me want to write a novel or sing on stage (well not quite), but you know what I mean. You just want to DO SOMETHING!

Now I’m going to start packing…have a wonderful weekend.

XOXO cpFashionista


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