Tricks of the Trade

21 Oct

fashion show FM 003 With LA Fashion Week behind us I thought it would be appropriate to divulge a few tips for surviving such a potentially draining  and super fast paced week of mayhem. The first fashion complication to manuever is how to effortlessly transition from the ever busy days of fashion shows and model fittings to the glamorous front row, after party scene.

In the fashion world it would seem that pretty much anything goes, which does make this situation slightly easier to feign your way through. It is not uncommon to see a pristine looking woman wearing *gasp* flats at a cocktail party or perhaps denim after 10 pm. However a few simple always-be-prepared tricks will keep you looking camera ready and presentable without so much as a chipped nail.

1. Which brings me to my first declaration. If you are in a very hands-on line of work (think: dressing models, clasping accessories,  primping hair, fixing shoes) your best bet for a flawless manicure is to, well,  not get one. What I mean by this is that a dark shade is a disaster waiting to happen, a light pink to nude shade works best for disguising your poor over worked paws, and besides that a clear coat looks good wrapped around just about any glass of wine. 

fashion show FM 005

2. It it often difficult to choose an ensemble that works for both day and night attire, however a couple interchangeable pieces can solve this conundrum in  mere minutes. Comfort and mobility are key to a successful day. So a flirty dress with flats and a sweater, maybe even a light weight scarf, give you maximum physical movement while keeping you cool and therefore calm and collected. Slip into a pair of sassy heels, lose the sweater/scarf get-up and you’re instantly ready to partake in the nighttime mingling.

3. Finally, your car and/or purse (if you’re like me your purse is more of a survival kit than anything else) can house many necessary essentials to staying in tip-top form. I like to keep on hand a condensed version of my make-up bag, a quick snack (I’m not talking an entire sandwich, a Lara Bar and apple should suffice), a camera (yes your iPhone counts), and an opposite pair of shoes (think pumps if you’re in flats, and vice versa).

Week long events, though daunting, don’t have to be scary. In fact they can even venture into fun, if you stay prepared and think about 24 hours ahead.

XoXo CpFashionista


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