Candy Land

13 Oct

LA Majors market 022 With L.A. Majors Market at the California Mart coming to a close it is finally time to exhale a long sigh of relief  (and to indulge in the pounds and pounds of candy that have adorned the Celebrity Pink showroom for four days and are now deemed edible). As you may have guessed the theme for this market was a wonderfully whimsical candy land, every young girl’s fantasty world of all the clothes and candy she could possibly imagine.

To prepare, I had the wonderful job of raiding the It’s Sugar candy store  at Universal Citywalk for hundreds of dollars worth of pretty pink and white sweets. Can you say best job ever?! So while buyers previewed Spring/ Summer 2010 denim rompers and cutsey shorts they also had the pleasure of munching on adorable bite size custom cupcakes from Sweet E’s bakery (see picture above). I would say Celebrity Pink was pretty much the sweetest showroom in the whole market.

LA Majors market 009LA Majors market 005

More about market later, when my brain has fully recovered. On a side note it’s Fashion Week this week so lots of fashion show pictures and fun events to follow!

XoXo cpFashionista


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