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Frightfully Fun

30 Oct

Halloween 001

With revenue figures comparable only to Christmas, Halloween has easily become one of the most anticipated and celebrated day of the year. Perhaps this is attributed to the brief moment when grown-ups can dress like children and in effect act like them as well. 

Month long preparations are just part of the overall experience. Between willfully scaring ourselves to picking out the perfect pumpkin, no detail is too small to forgo for this holiday. Weeks of perusing Halloween superstores for the perfect costume sometimes pays off, but most of the time everyone just looks like everyone else.

What are you?

 Oh, I’m a slutty sailor.

Who me? I’m a sexy pirate.

How did making something borderline pornographic suddenly deem it an acceptable public “costume,” I am not sure. But in any event today we played at work and believe it or not our costumes were actually pretty original! Among them Lady Gaga, Hercules, a plethora of trendy vampires, scary clowns, and even a cute little girl scout.

Halloween 003

Halloween 011

Halloween 015

Happy Haunting!

XoXo cpFashionista


White Out

29 Oct

fall bride

I would like to start by clarifying that when I say “White Out” I am in no way referencing the Kate Beckinsale box office disappointment nor am I referring to the common winter snow storm occurence.

What I have actually come to notice is that with the changing of seasons has come a certain shifting in demeanor as well. With “the most wonderful time of year” just around the corner and the holiday season itself already upon us in full force an affect reminiscent of good old fashioned love seems to linger in the air. Which would explain why fall weddings are more popular than ever with the number of October nuptials in specific increasing exponentially.

WWD was kind enough to support this trend with several bride-to-be articles including a sneak-peek at lust worthy white gowns from some of the hottest bridal couture designers, the likes of Vera Wang, Amsale, and Douglas Hannant. These dresses are adorned with enough frivolity to impress even the witchiest bridezilla. Apparently beading, faux flowers, ruching, and excessive amounts of tulle are dress components to be desired.




I’m sorry, did I miss the Cinderella revival?

XoXo cpFashionista

Blah Blah Blah

27 Oct

poutingEver have one of those days where everything just seems so…blah? Not necessarily sad, mad, or even upset in any way, just simply blah.

The weather is still confused, summer is fighting with fall for temperature control therefore leaving the season somewhat unclear. Resulting in my dress-with-boots ensemble that has taken over for the past, oh i don’t know, TWO weeks. My usual enthusiasm for cloudy days has disappeared for today.

It’s these kind of days where doing anything  seems like a daunting task, and getting anything accomplished is somewhere near the bottom of your list under”I Don’t care.” So for today I would like to just be allowed a moment of unaltered complacent pouting.

Blah blah blah all the way home…

Xx CPfashionista

City Love

23 Oct

new york

You may or may not have been previously aware of my obsession with New York City, but in any event…I confess I am in love! There is just something about that city that makes me ridiculously giddy, like a little kid in a candy store. I want to see everything and go everywhere and I never want to leave. Which is why I am more than thrilled to be attending November market on a media tour of sorts. Between a gazillion editor meetings I should be able to squeeze in a little shopping and “city soaking,” don’t you think.

In no particular order, my favorite things about The Big Apple, which of course is open to additions:

1. No matter the duration of the stay I always insist on walking everywhere! There is no easier city to navigate and possibly no where else in the entire United States where you can get anywhere simply by walking there. Raining, snowing, sleeting (ok, maybe not sleeting) but I am so down to bundle up and  make my way through the always crowded streets.

2. And I mean always! Aside from the sun/moon thing, Times Square always looks like broad daylight…lights, people, taxi cabs, quite literally the city never sleeps. Which is why I continually wonder how they pulled off the whole Tom-Cruise-deathly-still-Times-Square scene in Vanilla Sky?!

times square

3. Not that cupcakes aren’t currently the most trendy food accessory in LA but I do believe NY was home to the original cupcake-store concept. There are bakeries every couple of blocks boasting vibrantly frosted morsels of goodness and unique flavor combinations that are definitely to be desired, craved, and ultimately consumed. Among some of my favorites, Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery and Magnolia Bakery.


4. Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity. A definite must!

5. Wearing peacoats and mittens. The only trouble being that the number of coats I want to bring and the actual number that will fit into my luggage are somewhat different. The favorite coat this year has to be my new eggplant purple Kristen Blake a-line, it is practically jumping out of my closet in anticipation of cold weather.

6. Friendly people. I know New Yorkers have a reputation for being cold and somewhat unamiable but they are really quite helpful people. If you stand on a corner and just look lost someone will ask you if you need directions, I swear I love these city folk!

7. Central Park. Walking through Strawberry Fields and any of the surrounding area you can’t help but get the feeling you are in a scene straight from a movie.

8. The view from your hotel room, or any building for that matter. Heck even from a cab. Taking in the lights and excitement the city exudes is simply breathtaking.

9. The nightlife. Here in Los Angeles going out feels so planned and so showy. The girls who look like they spent far too long getting ready, the lines of guys trying to get into the clubs to see these girls, the pretentious heir so many think they are entitled to, it just seems forced. But in New York you stop into a bar and everyone looks sort of natural, there’s a definite portrayal of confidence that SoCal definitely lacks.

10. The drive to succeed. People seem motivated and with purpose and it’s contagious. Just being there makes me want to write a novel or sing on stage (well not quite), but you know what I mean. You just want to DO SOMETHING!

Now I’m going to start packing…have a wonderful weekend.

XOXO cpFashionista

Jack n Jill

22 Oct

Wednesday morning was not only perfectly sunny and warm but I had the pleasure of starting off the day at Jack n Jill’s Bakery in Santa Monica with one of my very favorite magazine account managers. Celebrity Pink and Seventeen Magazine  have been fast friends from the very beginning and it’s always such a treat to meet with our friends from the publishing world. While we met to talk business and go over partnership plans for 2010, this morning turned out to be quite a treat for all the senses as well.

fashion show FM 010

fashion show FM 016Upon entering this sweet little cafe you’re immediately greeted with the delicious aroma of freshly baked pastries and richly brewed coffee. Next your eyes will delight at the colorful cupcakes in neat little lines behind the glass just begging to be tasted. And finally, the food is even more delectable than the tempting smells and playful menu pictures combined. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast seated in the loft sipping coffee and indulging in Strawberry Savannah (Oatmeal) Pancakes! MMM MMM MMM!

Many strawberries later full yet content, we had covered what we came to cover… and then some… and were ready to start the real work day. But not before I picked out a sampling of cupcakes to bring home for the boyfriend, just to hold him over until we could take a much-needed revisit back to my new favorite bakery. I highly suggest a trip of your own!

fashion show FM 018

fashion show FM 014

Happy eating!

XoXo cpFashionista

Tricks of the Trade

21 Oct

fashion show FM 003 With LA Fashion Week behind us I thought it would be appropriate to divulge a few tips for surviving such a potentially draining  and super fast paced week of mayhem. The first fashion complication to manuever is how to effortlessly transition from the ever busy days of fashion shows and model fittings to the glamorous front row, after party scene.

In the fashion world it would seem that pretty much anything goes, which does make this situation slightly easier to feign your way through. It is not uncommon to see a pristine looking woman wearing *gasp* flats at a cocktail party or perhaps denim after 10 pm. However a few simple always-be-prepared tricks will keep you looking camera ready and presentable without so much as a chipped nail.

1. Which brings me to my first declaration. If you are in a very hands-on line of work (think: dressing models, clasping accessories,  primping hair, fixing shoes) your best bet for a flawless manicure is to, well,  not get one. What I mean by this is that a dark shade is a disaster waiting to happen, a light pink to nude shade works best for disguising your poor over worked paws, and besides that a clear coat looks good wrapped around just about any glass of wine. 

fashion show FM 005

2. It it often difficult to choose an ensemble that works for both day and night attire, however a couple interchangeable pieces can solve this conundrum in  mere minutes. Comfort and mobility are key to a successful day. So a flirty dress with flats and a sweater, maybe even a light weight scarf, give you maximum physical movement while keeping you cool and therefore calm and collected. Slip into a pair of sassy heels, lose the sweater/scarf get-up and you’re instantly ready to partake in the nighttime mingling.

3. Finally, your car and/or purse (if you’re like me your purse is more of a survival kit than anything else) can house many necessary essentials to staying in tip-top form. I like to keep on hand a condensed version of my make-up bag, a quick snack (I’m not talking an entire sandwich, a Lara Bar and apple should suffice), a camera (yes your iPhone counts), and an opposite pair of shoes (think pumps if you’re in flats, and vice versa).

Week long events, though daunting, don’t have to be scary. In fact they can even venture into fun, if you stay prepared and think about 24 hours ahead.

XoXo CpFashionista


14 Oct

LA Majors market 040Press.LA Majors market 041Conference.

Last Wednesday the California Mart was graced with Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa’s presence as he started LA Fashion Week on a good note with his 10 am press conference in the lobby. After meeting and shaking Mayor Villaraigosa’s hand he proceeded to speak about the major influences Los Angeles’s $28 billion dollar industry has on the fashion world and in specific in spurring the economy. During LA Fashion Week alone some $50 million dollars are spent at local hotels, restaurants, and transportation making it one of the most prominent design capitals in the world according to Apparel News.

Among those in attendance of the conference was ever popular designer Louis Verdad (see picture below) whose show of remarkable silhouettes was shown just last night, Tuesday, October 13th, in LA.

Louis Verdad


Come check out Celebrity Pink during fashion week at the Fashion Mingashow this Friday at BLVD 3.

Hope to see you there.

XoXo CpFashionista

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