Love is Enough

25 Sep


Today I am playing hooky from work to coordinate the last minute happenings for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary party. I must say that after months of preparations I somehow managed to wait till the last minute, i.e. the past three days to do pretty much everything. Between begging the sweet cake lady to make me a masterpiece in only 3 days, instead of the typically required 2 week notice, and convincing the florist that the traditional 25th anniversary flower is WHATEVER flower she has enough of to make 5 centerpieces I barely remembered to pack a bag for the weekend.

Now that the day is finally here I can’t even explain how incredibly proud of my parents I am. 25 years of anything is quite the accomplishment, let alone marriage. Congrats Mom and Dad, you two amaze me!

XoXo a very tired CPfashionista


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