Falling Down

22 Sep

fall leaves

I could have sworn it was just the first day of summer like a week ago! However, despite the 100 degree Los Angeles weather and the fact that I am wearing a skirt and tank, today is officially the first day of fall and I am so excited. I love this time of year for a number of reasons, namely the cool nights and colorful leaves, not to mention our impending trip to the pumpkin patch and the holiday aura that hangs in the air.

While the temperature may not quite constitute scarves and boots just yet, in anticipation of cooler weather I have already begun the necessary additions to my wardrobe and I cannot wait to bundle up. 

In honor of autumn and all things wonderfully Fall-ing, here are some seasonal favorites:

1. Obnoxiously crunching through any pile, gutter filled with, lawn, or sidewalk of leaves.

2. Wearing Uggs with anything is suddenly deemed acceptable.


3. Skipping work to stay in bed when it rains. Playing in the rain. Kissing in the rain. Pretty much anything involving the rain.

4. Eating  homemade soup when its cold out.

5. Picking out the perfect pumpkin. Rope swings and/or hay rides at the pumpkin patch.

6.  Halloween. Halloween parties. Halloween candy. Halloween costumes, here’s what I was thinking for boyfriend and I–>he’s none too impressed.


7. Going home for the holidays.Is there really any better feeling than pulling up to the drive-way where you grew up? Didn’t think so.

8. Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. And yes it is totally acceptable to buy a hot latte  simply to warm your hands.

9. Cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket and the one you love most, puppies count too.

10. Falling into bed at 6 pm because it’s already dark out…and just because you can.

What are you falling in love with this September?

XoXo cpFashionista


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