Down Right Destroyed

14 Sep

cpm5501d13ubIt goes without saying that destructed, destroyed, shredded, well-worn looking denim is definitely the going trend. From the celebrity favored Siwy jeans to the original Abercrombie denim mini, as long as it’s thrashed, slashed, or down right destroyed it will sell. In fact Celebrity Pink’s uber destroy skinny, style #CPM5501D13UB (see pic above) has already sold out…twice!

I thought about throwing in a little DIY destroyed denim step-by-step and then I realized there are probably far more qualified places to find such instructions. So I give you my favorite blogging lady and her excellent DIY Destroyed Denim with Lace Underlay, DIY right here.


Go ahead and destroy something!

XoXo cpFashionista


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