Denim Is In

9 Sep

Just in case you were wondering, denim is in.

stack of denim

 As if we didn’t already know, Women’s Wear Dailyclarifed for the masses that while yes we are in fact experiencing a recession of epic proportions, the demand for denim has not (and will not for that matter) decrease in the slightest bit. According to my favorite fashion news feeder, (aka WWD) while August was still slow for most retailers (DUH! no one has any money!) denim remained strong:

“…(Denim), perceived as a value item for its versatility and general affordability, was a bright spot for many retailers in August, and should emerge as “the hot must-have item for the back-to-school season,” according to Jennifer Black of Jennifer Black & Associates. “There is a plethora of newness in fashion. Denim of all styles and washes is here to stay. Anything with embellishments like studs, chains and rivets is popular.” (WWD, Issue 9/4/2009).

What a relief! Here I thought denim was on its way out (insert sarcastic tone). I confide my closet is spewing with far too many pairs of jeans; some never worn, some far too worn, but if denim was ever to go out… well then I would have nothing to wear.

In all seriousness denim is the savior of a plummeting economy because there is just so much you can do with it. With the many options of trendy denim constantly overwhelming store displays and the still broader selection of DIY ideas for beloved oldie-but-goodie pieces, we are in good shape to stay stylish right on through this so called trying time. 

So tell your closet it can relax…its good friends Paige and Joe are here to stay! 

XoXo CpFashionista


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