Going Places

4 Sep

MAGIC Sept. 09 010

While I had every good intention of maintaining a daily blog and twitter regimen during my 6 day trip to the city of sin, aka Las Vegas…aka Not As Fun As It Sounds, I some how managed to fail miserably. In large part because there is just far too much to see and do in the city that never sleeps.

Even though we carefully transported boyfriend’s computer through security and successfully in one piece to the desk in our hotel room, I failed to check even one email during this “business trip”  nor write a single sentence. So for now a recap will have to do, as for next time I will try harder.

MAGIC Sept. 09 007I’m not sure if I love this picture more for the handcrafted props (check out the authentic “vintage” suitcase, rescued from one of many garage sales visited in an effort to find such a spectacular piece) or because I can see myself in the reflection which makes me laugh, either way our booth was awesome…the show was pretty stellar, Celebrity Pink is definitely going places!

Two days to set up, three days to show, half an hour to tear down. Not too bad! I did get to sneak in a quick peek at some of my favorite denim brands including Paige Premium and Hudson Jeans. Although I do have to admit that I am more than excited to be back sleeping in my own bed in smokey, smoggy SoCal.

Word of advice: There should be a legal limit on the amount of days one can stay in Vegas, because 144 hours is far toooo long!

XoXo cpFashionista


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