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Love is Enough

25 Sep


Today I am playing hooky from work to coordinate the last minute happenings for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary party. I must say that after months of preparations I somehow managed to wait till the last minute, i.e. the past three days to do pretty much everything. Between begging the sweet cake lady to make me a masterpiece in only 3 days, instead of the typically required 2 week notice, and convincing the florist that the traditional 25th anniversary flower is WHATEVER flower she has enough of to make 5 centerpieces I barely remembered to pack a bag for the weekend.

Now that the day is finally here I can’t even explain how incredibly proud of my parents I am. 25 years of anything is quite the accomplishment, let alone marriage. Congrats Mom and Dad, you two amaze me!

XoXo a very tired CPfashionista


Piece of Mind

24 Sep


At the end of the day when my brain has had just about all it can possibly take, the only thing I really want is a little piece of my mind back. I’m not asking for the whole thing, I will gladly leave most of the multi-tasking overloaded stressed out part on my desk to pick up tomorrow, I just need a couple clear-headed thoughts of my own to take home with me and use at my discretion.  

If I could manage the above master-of-yoga pose perhaps I could release a little energy through “healing” positions, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I would rather not fold myself into a pretzel in an attempt to relax. I much prefer a leisurely walk at sunset, which today in particular I cannot wait to get home to do.

Enjoy your evening hours….

XoXo cpFashionista

Falling Down

22 Sep

fall leaves

I could have sworn it was just the first day of summer like a week ago! However, despite the 100 degree Los Angeles weather and the fact that I am wearing a skirt and tank, today is officially the first day of fall and I am so excited. I love this time of year for a number of reasons, namely the cool nights and colorful leaves, not to mention our impending trip to the pumpkin patch and the holiday aura that hangs in the air.

While the temperature may not quite constitute scarves and boots just yet, in anticipation of cooler weather I have already begun the necessary additions to my wardrobe and I cannot wait to bundle up. 

In honor of autumn and all things wonderfully Fall-ing, here are some seasonal favorites:

1. Obnoxiously crunching through any pile, gutter filled with, lawn, or sidewalk of leaves.

2. Wearing Uggs with anything is suddenly deemed acceptable.


3. Skipping work to stay in bed when it rains. Playing in the rain. Kissing in the rain. Pretty much anything involving the rain.

4. Eating  homemade soup when its cold out.

5. Picking out the perfect pumpkin. Rope swings and/or hay rides at the pumpkin patch.

6.  Halloween. Halloween parties. Halloween candy. Halloween costumes, here’s what I was thinking for boyfriend and I–>he’s none too impressed.


7. Going home for the holidays.Is there really any better feeling than pulling up to the drive-way where you grew up? Didn’t think so.

8. Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. And yes it is totally acceptable to buy a hot latte  simply to warm your hands.

9. Cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket and the one you love most, puppies count too.

10. Falling into bed at 6 pm because it’s already dark out…and just because you can.

What are you falling in love with this September?

XoXo cpFashionista

The Long & Short of It

15 Sep

Labor Day 008

After an extensive sales meeting previewing Celebrity Pink’s Spring/ Summer 2010 shorts collection I officially felt ready for Spring. The only problem being it hasn’t even officially reached Fall yet, meaning I am almost one year ahead of myself, meaning I must be confused.

In any event it was concluded that the best way to carry over the Fall/ Winter denim trends is to make them into a shorter version of the favorite jean counterpart. However, this solution does not work in reverse. Somehow the concept of a patterned or overly detailed pair of shorts gets lost in translation when made into a longer pair of pants. So for now we will look forward to mechanic and crystal washed cut-off shorts and super studded daisy dukes.

Labor Day 005

Xo CpFashionista

Acid Trip

14 Sep

The 80s are back in a big way. Like eighties hair band big. Mention of the 80s era immediately conjures images of  off the shoulder sweatshirts, leg warmers, neon, and or course anything in acid wash. From jeans and shorts to denim shirts and full on rompers, acid is everywhere.

Style #CPJ905D52AC

Style #CPJ905D52AC

Style #CPJ851D52AC

Style #CPJ851D52AC

Style # CPS5611D36CWI

Style # CPS5611D36CWI

It has been decided that the eighties are officially back and hitting harder than ever. Of course the days of publically accepted drug use are far behind us, much to the dismay of the free living liberals, their high must now take place behind closed doors. Luckily enough acid wash denim can be worn pretty much anywhere making this trend accessible to anyone who wishes to partake.

It’s more likely you’ll  see a peace parade than a group of trippin’ hippies in the middle of the afternoon anyways. Go ahead rock your acids with pride. And trip on this….all the above style will be available in November wherever Celebrity Pink Jeans are sold!

Just glad we can be of service…

XoXo cpFashionista

Down Right Destroyed

14 Sep

cpm5501d13ubIt goes without saying that destructed, destroyed, shredded, well-worn looking denim is definitely the going trend. From the celebrity favored Siwy jeans to the original Abercrombie denim mini, as long as it’s thrashed, slashed, or down right destroyed it will sell. In fact Celebrity Pink’s uber destroy skinny, style #CPM5501D13UB (see pic above) has already sold out…twice!

I thought about throwing in a little DIY destroyed denim step-by-step and then I realized there are probably far more qualified places to find such instructions. So I give you my favorite blogging lady and her excellent DIY Destroyed Denim with Lace Underlay, DIY right here.


Go ahead and destroy something!

XoXo cpFashionista

Shop to Save the World

10 Sep


Ok, so saving the world by shopping may be pushing the concept a little, however designers and fashion leaders alike are hoping that tonight’s Fashion’s Night Out will help to stimulate sales and the economy. The original idea put forth by Vogue magazine in collaboration with the Council of Fashion and Designs and the City of New York was so highly anticipated that  the festivities spread to other major fashion laden cities including Los Angeles all the way to London.

For more details on tonight’s guest appearances (read: Paige Gellar of Paige Denim will be at Ron Herman on Melrose…but I’m not obsessed, really I’m not) check out the LA Times. Along with exclusive tonight-only giveaways, how-to demos, designer mingling (Peter Wentz will be there too), the playful atmosphere will softly lull you into shopping heaven.

It’s ok, you can tell them you’re saving the economy…should anyone ask.

XoXo CpFashionista

fashion's night out

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