Magic Is In The Air

28 Aug


Literally, it’s time for MAGIC again and Celebrity Pink is buzzing with trade show talk. In fact I have been living and breathing Vegas preparations for so long I’m beginning to wonder what I will do when we get back, take a nap maybe?!

Behind the chaos and seemingly unorganized mess of boxes is really a very carefully planned packing list of every necessity right down to the very last staple remover. With all the necessary preparations finally behind us, Celebrity Pink is thrilled to be able to preview our Spring/ Summer 2010 line as well as to debut our curvy fit collection to both editors and buyers alike. Our booth boasts a “Going Places” theme to coincide with our international expansion efforts and also the versatility of our denim which makes it perfect travel attire. From our luggage tag give-aways to our vintage suitcase displays I would say we are definitely dressed to impress.


Aside from working the booth and meeting with the media, my favorite part of MAGIC has to be the unexpectedness. You never know what (or who) you are going to see, and someone always has a surprise worth sticking around to see. In fact several years ago as we wandered wide-eyed around the Ed Hardy enterprise…i mean booth…taking in the models in painted bikinis we suddenly found ourselves practically onstage with Snoop Dogg (read: Literally, we were sitting on the stage and without notice the music starts and out walks Snoop). 

That same year I also had the pleasure of colliding with Nicky Hilton at her sweet little booth, yes we ran into each other…bags and papers everywhere! So this year I’m hoping maybe I’ll run into Betsey Johnson and she’ll just give me an armful of those playfully obnoxious dresses she’s so famous for…I’m just saying, that’s what I’m hoping for.

See you at the show…

XoXo cpFashionista

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