Party People

13 Aug

944 party

Part of living, working, and breathing LA comes the scene and be seen sort of mentality…which is not necessarily a bad thing. With that said, attending “business” ((cough, cough)) events and soirees is just part of the job. OK, so its really more of a glamorized perk  than a cumbersome requirement but you won’t find me complaining in the least bit.

Wednesday night 944 Magazine hosted the launch party of their August Nightlife Issue at Loft Sevenin downtown LA. Let me tell you, it was a pretty rockin’ rooftop party. With the apps catered by J Restaurant and Lounge and the open bar hosted by Tres Generaciones Tequila no detail went unnoticed. Perhaps attributed to my extensive experience with event planning or my fascination with all things marketing, I find myself observing everything right down to the printing on the napkins (which was definitely note worthy).

944 party 4944 party1

This penthouse was pimped to precision and the ambiance was perfect for such a night’s festivities. The warm summer night was ideal host to this rooftop gathering. Aside from the super creative after party invites (written on seductive little cocktail napkins with a very “I’m giving you my number” vibe, how awesome is that?), oh and the silhouetted go-go dancers, the highlight of the party was the 6-screen printing press where party-goers could select from several prints and create their very own one-of-a-kind tee to take home. Interactive chaos, very entertaining. Mine turned out quite stylish if I do say so myself, in fact I’m thinking of going into tee-shirt design…ok, maybe not.

Last call: It was a killer party for a Wednesday night…gosh I love LA.

Party on party people…

XoXo cpFashionista


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