All Is Fair

5 Aug

LACountyFairThe thing I love most about the hot days of summer is that there is something inherently wonderful to do at any given moment on any given day at any given time. These 4 months of fun and freedom give each and every person a valid and highly acceptable excuse to be a kid at any unplanned, spontaneous moment that they so choose.

 From concerts on the pier, to endless farmers markets, movies in the park, late night walks to the ice cream shop, and finally the much anticipated county fair. It doesn’t really matter what county you are in, or even what county’s fair you attend, as long as your yearly ride quota is fulfilled and enough funnel cake and cotton candy is consumed to hold you over until next year…now it’s officially summer.

I originally embarked on what I was sure was going to be a successful search for the perfect summer dress to wear to such an occasion. However, I quickly ended up somewhat sidetracked and ultimately enthralled with fashion week fashion shows and the glitter and glitz they had to offer. Ironically enough Betsey Johnson  did, what I would consider, a carnivalesque take on florals and fun fashion that reminded me of the bright lights and loud carnies at the fair.


 What do you wear to the fair?

XoXo xpFashionista


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