Dreaming Tree

3 Aug


I am perhaps more fascinated than most with the extremely simple things around me. In part because everything can be seen in terms of its artistic composition; what it can be, instead of what it actually is. Have you ever admired, I mean really studied and thought about, graffiti on freeway overpasses as you are sitting in 5 o’clock rush hour traffic? I know most of the time I’m too busy planning my next snack or anxiously anticipating the  5:26  “que to call” to win concert tickets. But there’s more to it than just a rebellious display of stolen spray paint.

Art is everywhere and I love how easily this expression translates to such complacent characteristics of every day life. Most obviously fashion and design and all elements in between. It’s amazing how boho chic #1 can see a cute Urban Outfitter’s piece as a pull on skirt and citygirl #2 will pull it off just as flawlessly as a tube top…creativity and versatility, two landmark traits every fashionista should possess.


Well, sometimes I like to pretend to be this creative and play “interior designer” (insert laughter). This past weekend, with the help of my real artist boyfriend, we pulled out our paint brushes and played with Kelly Moore for the day. Needless to say…we now have quite the impressive artistic tree taking over an entire bedroom wall in what can only be described as a beautiful conception of color. So now I have my very own dreaming tree!

What do your walls say to you??

XoXo CpFashionista


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