Bill Gates Gives Up?

27 Jul


Social networking has rapidly become not only the most wildly spreading phenomenon across the globe, but also one of the most effective and beneficial means of marketing regardless of the current economic climate.

The interconnected world of blogging, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, AIM, texting, and any combination thereof is an undeniably successful medium for promoting without paying. The only real cost at hand however, is time. Time to chat, talk, tweet, blog, message, email, and text. This is time, however, that is well spent. Unless of course you’re Bill Gates, then this sort of time and effort is not only not accessible but in essence not necessary.

Upon reading this gazillionaire’s thoughts on FaceBook here, I couldn’t help but see the ironic hilarity. Mr. Gates proceeded to say, and I quote, “It was just way too much trouble so I gave up.” Here we have a man who changed the course of technology and ultimately, the world as we know it, and yet FaceBook baffles him.

Some thoughts come to mind: First of all, had it not been for his persistent ingenuity we would not even have the option of hoping on Internet Explorer and tweeting about our latest lunch time rendevous while simultaneously chatting to seven friends, drafting an email update to the fam, and posting new material to our blog. But more importantly, the world of social networking is complicated and does take some level of self teaching. For so many people to take part and actively contribute to such a phenomenon on such a regular basis  says a lot about the collective intellect as a whole. I think it’s safe to say we might just be a lot more intelligent than we give ourselves credit for.

So get out there and facespace someone, show the world how smart you are…

XoXo cpFashionista


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