Moving On Up

20 Jul

closet wow

One of the great, generally overlooked and under-appreciated, perks of moving (yes, I said benefits of moving!) is that you get to clean out your closet in the most thorough way possible. Piece…by piece….by piece. Now I’m not saying I particularly enjoy the act of moving, in fact I can think of about a million things I would rather be doing than moving. However, if there is one thing I have gotten out of the whole thing other than a heightened level of stress and severe dust inhalation, is that I am optimally organized to my own satisfactory standards….finally!

And the best part of all…I found my most favorite black summer sweater that had been missing for over ONE whole YEAR! I had finally come to terms with the realization that it was in fact gone forever. And then on a sunny Saturday as I stood knee deep in jeans, dresses, and far too many hoodies there it was.  Precariously hanging by a thread (literally) among a sea of tanks and tops at the very back of my closet….my beloved cardigan! I shrieked with excited as my packing partners looked at me in what can only be described as skeptical amusement, for I was more excited about this one sweater than I was about any other belonging in my entire bedroom.

Needless to say this little discovery made my day…and hours of sorting and packing…nearly worthwhile. 

I give to you some packing/ moving/ sanity-saving tips for your next relocation:

  • Do not panic! Think in terms of one project at a time and it won’t seem so unattainably anxiety provoking. I proceeded to pack ONE room at a time, and magically the “stuff” turned into neatly organized (and labeled!!) boxes.
  • In an effort to eliminate as you go, designate Keep, Give Away, and Throw-away. Note: If you have to debate between give-it-away and throw-it-away, it should probably be laid to rest in the garbage…just a thought. Also, if you wore in high-school, no one wants to see that anymore…get rid of it!
  • Outlining detailed lists on the outside of your perfectly packed boxes makes unpacking and finding things much easier…if you have a super artistic boyfriend around lists can be substituted for hilarious pictures, i.e. think Sharpie drawn dancing iron, DVDs wearing sunglasses, etc.

Now get a move on…

XoXo cpFashionista


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