What It’s All About

9 Jul


Yeah its kind of like that...

Yeah its kind of like that...

Throughout my daily ventures through cyber land…it is very likely that I will end up quite side tracked and sometimes even forgetful of what I was originally in search of in the first place (i.e. I start out looking for tradeshow printing and some how end up debating which Betsey Johnson espadrilles I would wear more) . Something very reminiscent of the new Bing.com commercials….trade show me how to make a cake for any occasion dress your daughter thoughts on living with new shoes……what??!

Due to this increasingly distracting environment where one link takes you to another link to another link and suddenly I’m at a site I love….but I have no idea how I got there, I have discovered myself more and more intrigued by the About section. Previously somewhat meaningless to me I have a new found appreciation for descriptions and bios, tell me what you’re all about and maybe I’ll stay a while.

The same is true with each and every blog site.  Now I know I may not be the most consistent or focused person (I fully attribute this to my self diagnosed advanced stage ADD) but I try to stay somewhat in the realm of confessing my thoughts to my loyal readers. Some ramblings however, seem to lack direction and while that’s solely at the discretion of the author, they can be difficult to follow. Which is precisely why I bee-line for the About section in a eager attempt to grasp the big idea, because after all…isn’t that supposed to be what it’s all about. 


 XoXo cpFashionista


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