Because I Said So

8 Jul


All the world’s a stage, but apparently we are merely puppets on strings. They say the world’s a stage so you can go dance your own dance, sing your own song, be who you want to be. But too many times it seems we are just singing along, maybe a little off-key in the back row…but nonetheless, vaguely following along like for some reason we think we are supposed to. Just like sheep follow, well, other sheep, people tend to blindly obey trends and wear what they are told. Just because boyfriend jeans are in does not mean they are for everyone. Let’s be sensible here. 

As I watch Couture Fashion Week footage I can’t help but think, they call it fashion and we say “ok”. Not that the likes of Chanel and Christian Lacroix aren’t impressively spectacular, it’s just that  it sometimes seems like whatever Givenchy (or Valentino, or Dior, or Armani) says, goes. So when Lacroix decided to respectfully understate his ordinarily avant-garde collection to reflect what could be considered *gasp* realistically wearable we applauded in approval. I guess even the high and mightly understand their time to shine versus a time to, how do you say, sit this one out.

chanel couture fall 2009christian-lacroix fall 2009

Read all about Courture week right here at WWD online….yes, I know I am slightly obsessed with Women’s Wear Daily at the moment! Hopefully it’s just a phase.

XoXo cpFashionista


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