What? No Plates?

7 Jul

flag plates

This may seem like a diminutive rather minuscule complaint in the grand scheme of things but I have to say how shocked and more importantly disappointed I was to discover that Rite Aid, of all places, had failed to stock any sort of 4th of July decorations this year. So due to the rather dismal state of our beloved nation’s economy holiday festivities are going to suffer?!  I understand that perhaps during such conservative times  a 12 foot inflatable Uncle Sam could be seen as less than necessary, but I couldn’t even find a striped plate! There was not a single patriotic napkin in the entire store and I, for one, was nearly crushed. (Good thing Target buyers hadn’t completely lost their minds as well or my Patriotic party would have been sadly lacking its red, white, and blue)!

Turns out many retailers are practicing the same restraint when planning future merchandise buys. As detailed in WWDtoday, apparently retailers are attempting to do more with a lot less inventory. Ultimately it appears, this alternative way of looking at business and planning accordingly could be beneficial in the long run. It has to do with thinking before acting, and therefore acting and planning purchases in a much smarter manner. Businesses are realizing that they can still be profitable with less inventory, they just need to plan ahead and order closer to season. 

Consumers are buying what they need and want right now.  You don’t see people buying winter coats and cute boots just because Nordstrom’s is having a sale. If you won’t use it right away it just doesn’t seem practical on a budget to buy it now. Although a steal a only $120, lets be honest no one wears wool when it’s 97 degrees out and therefore the aaaadorable herringbone, double buttoned pea-coat will have to wait till at least November to find its way into your closet.

To read about this concept in full check it out at WWD.com.

And don’t worry, it’s always sunny in California…you probably won’t need that coat anyways!

XoXo cpFashionista


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