Not Cut-out for This

6 Jul

Sometimes in life we attempt something that is simply not in our feasible capacity to accomplish. Don’t worry I can explain: what I mean is that I, for instance, am in no way blessed with any sort of musical ability whatsoever. I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life, I do not pretend to sing…not even Happy Birthday, I will not hum along, and for that matter I wouldn’t even try to clap in rhythm. I admit on occasion I forget my musical retardation and in excited recognition I will sing along to a good song while in the shower, however upon hearing my own terribly off-key melody I quickly remember this is one feat I simply cannot master.

In this respect I would say, even to the most well revered designers, no matter how popular a trend may be some ideas are best left in pre-production.  Cutouts for instance belong on peep toe shoes and swimwear, but not for pants! I respect Catherine Malandrino and her ordinarily ultra sleek “working woman meets chic fashionista” style (take a peek at her line here at Neiman Marcus) however I must say she dramatically missed the mark on these  $1100.00 cut-out pattern flares. Yes, not only are they a mighty fashion faux pas but an expensive mistake at that.

catherine Malandrino $1100

Let’s leave the cutting to kindergartners with safety scissors and keep designer slacks in one piece.

XoXo cpFashionista


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