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Bill Gates Gives Up?

27 Jul


Social networking has rapidly become not only the most wildly spreading phenomenon across the globe, but also one of the most effective and beneficial means of marketing regardless of the current economic climate.

The interconnected world of blogging, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, AIM, texting, and any combination thereof is an undeniably successful medium for promoting without paying. The only real cost at hand however, is time. Time to chat, talk, tweet, blog, message, email, and text. This is time, however, that is well spent. Unless of course you’re Bill Gates, then this sort of time and effort is not only not accessible but in essence not necessary.

Upon reading this gazillionaire’s thoughts on FaceBook here, I couldn’t help but see the ironic hilarity. Mr. Gates proceeded to say, and I quote, “It was just way too much trouble so I gave up.” Here we have a man who changed the course of technology and ultimately, the world as we know it, and yet FaceBook baffles him.

Some thoughts come to mind: First of all, had it not been for his persistent ingenuity we would not even have the option of hoping on Internet Explorer and tweeting about our latest lunch time rendevous while simultaneously chatting to seven friends, drafting an email update to the fam, and posting new material to our blog. But more importantly, the world of social networking is complicated and does take some level of self teaching. For so many people to take part and actively contribute to such a phenomenon on such a regular basis  says a lot about the collective intellect as a whole. I think it’s safe to say we might just be a lot more intelligent than we give ourselves credit for.

So get out there and facespace someone, show the world how smart you are…

XoXo cpFashionista


Moving On Up

20 Jul

closet wow

One of the great, generally overlooked and under-appreciated, perks of moving (yes, I said benefits of moving!) is that you get to clean out your closet in the most thorough way possible. Piece…by piece….by piece. Now I’m not saying I particularly enjoy the act of moving, in fact I can think of about a million things I would rather be doing than moving. However, if there is one thing I have gotten out of the whole thing other than a heightened level of stress and severe dust inhalation, is that I am optimally organized to my own satisfactory standards….finally!

And the best part of all…I found my most favorite black summer sweater that had been missing for over ONE whole YEAR! I had finally come to terms with the realization that it was in fact gone forever. And then on a sunny Saturday as I stood knee deep in jeans, dresses, and far too many hoodies there it was.  Precariously hanging by a thread (literally) among a sea of tanks and tops at the very back of my closet….my beloved cardigan! I shrieked with excited as my packing partners looked at me in what can only be described as skeptical amusement, for I was more excited about this one sweater than I was about any other belonging in my entire bedroom.

Needless to say this little discovery made my day…and hours of sorting and packing…nearly worthwhile. 

I give to you some packing/ moving/ sanity-saving tips for your next relocation:

  • Do not panic! Think in terms of one project at a time and it won’t seem so unattainably anxiety provoking. I proceeded to pack ONE room at a time, and magically the “stuff” turned into neatly organized (and labeled!!) boxes.
  • In an effort to eliminate as you go, designate Keep, Give Away, and Throw-away. Note: If you have to debate between give-it-away and throw-it-away, it should probably be laid to rest in the garbage…just a thought. Also, if you wore in high-school, no one wants to see that anymore…get rid of it!
  • Outlining detailed lists on the outside of your perfectly packed boxes makes unpacking and finding things much easier…if you have a super artistic boyfriend around lists can be substituted for hilarious pictures, i.e. think Sharpie drawn dancing iron, DVDs wearing sunglasses, etc.

Now get a move on…

XoXo cpFashionista

Summer Lovin’

15 Jul


It’s officially summer…hooray! Here’s to 100+ degree days and eating ice cream at midnight (normal, right?).  In light of all things sunshine and summertime I thought I would pay tribute to some of my favorite things about this contagiously happy season, in no particularly ranked order of course:

1.  Sunset run/walk/hikes…my favorite spot is the paths at Vanowen and Sunset Ridge, Santa Monica Mountains area-ish. You can run (well its more of a rocking climbing hike) up to the bat caves and sit on top and look out over the ennntire valley…wow! My extremely dusty dirty Pumas, now deemed official hiking shoes, might argue otherwise….but  it really was a perfect end to a rather promising Monday. 

top of the world

2. A viable excuse to eat Pink Berry/ Yogurtland/ (insert your favorite fro-yo here) at pretty much any hour of the day…i.e. 10:45 pm decisions to venture out are acceptable and even encouraged.

pink berry parfait3. Waking up at 6 am to an already blazing sun….going to bed in the same sort of wonderfully sweaty-hot conditions. What’s that you say? Turn on the AC? I don’t think so! There’s just something about being warm 24 hours a day that makes me happy.

4. Sundresses. And more sundresses! Nothing is more successful at making me feel comfy and cool than a flirty light-weight sundress on a hot Sunday afternoon…and Nordstrom’s has some pretty sweet deals going on too.

free people $108

free people $138

Sweet Lorrani Halter, Free People   $108.00

Dreamers Sateen Dress, Free People $138.00

5. Bonfires and beach camping. With the accompaniment of a couple guitars and lots of s’more making!


6. Barbeque anything.

7. Steve Madden flip flops. Well any flip flops  really, but judging from my slightly indulgent  sandal collection I would say I have a thing for Mr. Madden.

Perfect with cut-offs and pretty much any tee!

Perfect with cut-offs and pretty much any tee!

“Boogle” Gladiator, Steve Madden $59.95

8. Tan lines. And just being tan!

9. Farmers markets and alllll the fresh fruit.


essie hot pink10. The necessity for neon pink mani/pedis. Idea: next time you reeeeeaaaallly don’t feel like being at work, go for a quick pedicure on your lunch break! Relaxing and rejuvenating and the best part is…no one has to know. I am currently sporting Essie’s Punchy Pink…

11. Spontaneous road trips. Nothing says summer like deciding last minute that this would be a good weekend to pack a bikini and some sunnies and head to San Diego.

I couldn’t stop at 10, just had to throw one more in for good measure.  What’s on your summer lovin’ list??

XoXo cpFashionista

Be Careful What You Wish For

10 Jul

karmaI was raised to treat others as I would want to be treated and in this way I feel I get along pretty well with the “what goes around-comes around” mentality. I’m also a pretty accommodating person and I would never intentionally be cruel or unfair to someone for no legitimate reason. Enough said. So when I am treated with less than decent respect (or what I would consider rudely immature!) I can’t help but think to myself…this will come back and bite you.

So as I sat reminding myself NOT to mess with karma, my thoughts instantly drifted to one of absolute faaavorite karma/ faith/ fate/ etc. inspired jewelry lines and I couldn’t help but take a much needed woosaa (code for deep breath!) trip to . Upon arrival I am greeted by sterling and gold dipped circles of karma necklaces and other such connotative items.

karma wrap

My first instinct is to buy one and leave it for (not to mention any names!), the one who needs it the most. As I picture the irony and silent message, bestowing such a gift would bring I can’t help but smile to myself, and thank my mother for instilling such a reap-what-you-sow demeanor.


Let’s be honest, have you ever watched somewhat get exactly what they deserved and not enjoyed every minute of it??! Didn’t think so…

Go and be happy! XoXo cpFashionista

What It’s All About

9 Jul


Yeah its kind of like that...

Yeah its kind of like that...

Throughout my daily ventures through cyber land…it is very likely that I will end up quite side tracked and sometimes even forgetful of what I was originally in search of in the first place (i.e. I start out looking for tradeshow printing and some how end up debating which Betsey Johnson espadrilles I would wear more) . Something very reminiscent of the new commercials….trade show me how to make a cake for any occasion dress your daughter thoughts on living with new shoes……what??!

Due to this increasingly distracting environment where one link takes you to another link to another link and suddenly I’m at a site I love….but I have no idea how I got there, I have discovered myself more and more intrigued by the About section. Previously somewhat meaningless to me I have a new found appreciation for descriptions and bios, tell me what you’re all about and maybe I’ll stay a while.

The same is true with each and every blog site.  Now I know I may not be the most consistent or focused person (I fully attribute this to my self diagnosed advanced stage ADD) but I try to stay somewhat in the realm of confessing my thoughts to my loyal readers. Some ramblings however, seem to lack direction and while that’s solely at the discretion of the author, they can be difficult to follow. Which is precisely why I bee-line for the About section in a eager attempt to grasp the big idea, because after all…isn’t that supposed to be what it’s all about. 


 XoXo cpFashionista

Because I Said So

8 Jul


All the world’s a stage, but apparently we are merely puppets on strings. They say the world’s a stage so you can go dance your own dance, sing your own song, be who you want to be. But too many times it seems we are just singing along, maybe a little off-key in the back row…but nonetheless, vaguely following along like for some reason we think we are supposed to. Just like sheep follow, well, other sheep, people tend to blindly obey trends and wear what they are told. Just because boyfriend jeans are in does not mean they are for everyone. Let’s be sensible here. 

As I watch Couture Fashion Week footage I can’t help but think, they call it fashion and we say “ok”. Not that the likes of Chanel and Christian Lacroix aren’t impressively spectacular, it’s just that  it sometimes seems like whatever Givenchy (or Valentino, or Dior, or Armani) says, goes. So when Lacroix decided to respectfully understate his ordinarily avant-garde collection to reflect what could be considered *gasp* realistically wearable we applauded in approval. I guess even the high and mightly understand their time to shine versus a time to, how do you say, sit this one out.

chanel couture fall 2009christian-lacroix fall 2009

Read all about Courture week right here at WWD online….yes, I know I am slightly obsessed with Women’s Wear Daily at the moment! Hopefully it’s just a phase.

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What? No Plates?

7 Jul

flag plates

This may seem like a diminutive rather minuscule complaint in the grand scheme of things but I have to say how shocked and more importantly disappointed I was to discover that Rite Aid, of all places, had failed to stock any sort of 4th of July decorations this year. So due to the rather dismal state of our beloved nation’s economy holiday festivities are going to suffer?!  I understand that perhaps during such conservative times  a 12 foot inflatable Uncle Sam could be seen as less than necessary, but I couldn’t even find a striped plate! There was not a single patriotic napkin in the entire store and I, for one, was nearly crushed. (Good thing Target buyers hadn’t completely lost their minds as well or my Patriotic party would have been sadly lacking its red, white, and blue)!

Turns out many retailers are practicing the same restraint when planning future merchandise buys. As detailed in WWDtoday, apparently retailers are attempting to do more with a lot less inventory. Ultimately it appears, this alternative way of looking at business and planning accordingly could be beneficial in the long run. It has to do with thinking before acting, and therefore acting and planning purchases in a much smarter manner. Businesses are realizing that they can still be profitable with less inventory, they just need to plan ahead and order closer to season. 

Consumers are buying what they need and want right now.  You don’t see people buying winter coats and cute boots just because Nordstrom’s is having a sale. If you won’t use it right away it just doesn’t seem practical on a budget to buy it now. Although a steal a only $120, lets be honest no one wears wool when it’s 97 degrees out and therefore the aaaadorable herringbone, double buttoned pea-coat will have to wait till at least November to find its way into your closet.

To read about this concept in full check it out at

And don’t worry, it’s always sunny in California…you probably won’t need that coat anyways!

XoXo cpFashionista

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