Count Me In

25 Jun


When Sex and the City the movie came out I was less than impressed. However, one night while sipping vino with the BFF we some how ended up on a cinematic adventure of sorts where I was more or less forced to watch Carrie and her gang parade around the city. I was instantly captivated. I laughed, I cried, I loved it to say the least! Upon hearing about the 2010 release of the sequel I could hardly wait to plan my very own girls night out (that which I regretably had defiantly avoided during the monumental first premier). Not this time!

From pink cosmos and petite hors d’oeuvres to my LBD and sky high stillettos no detail will go unnoticed. In fact, that is exactly why I have already begun my quest for the most perfect pair of lust worthy Manolo Blahniks. After all MB is practically their trademarked shoe sponsor, right?! By the time I am sending out invites to my spare-no expense Sex and the City 2 night-out soiree I will have in my possesion (and perhaps on my feet) a brand new pair of these dreamy booties…now the hard part is deciding which pair I love more!

MB fringe

manolo blahnik bootie

Suede Fringe Bootie, Neiman Marcus $835.00

Nappa Leather Gathered  Bootie, Bergdorf Goodman $865.00

XoXo cpFashionista


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