24 Jun

screaming lil girlSome times I only wish I was four again so that on particularly bad days during particularly infuriating moments I could scrrrrreeeeeeaaaamm at the top of my lungs, thrash around a bit, fists hitting the ground until I am so drained of emotion that there is not a movement left in my body. That is how I feel on this very day! However, I am not four anymore…no where even near the age when temper tantrums are appropriate. And so I am forced to find an alternative outlet for alieviating my raging thoughts.

While I sit in my office…door defiantly closed to the world…my options some what limited as to how to calm my nerves, I decide to catch up on my favorite blog followings and promptly fall into la-la land. Day-dreamingly reading from one persons life to another, I am completely captivated by the happenings of others and consider for a brief moment falling asleep on my desk…shhh.  

Here are my favorite entertainers…thanks, you guys rock: http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/, http://www.denimblog.com/, http://www.fashionbinge.com/, http://blog.shopittome.com/ …just to name a few!

Got any beat the blues ideas…??

XoXo cpFashionista


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