Like Father Like Daughter

19 Jun


As much we sometimes hate to admit we are for the most part a very direct product of those who raised us, i.e. in most cases a father and/or mother combination. Well I am proud to say I am most definitely my father’s daughter in nearly every way. So while I have to admit they may not be the most feminine qualities…i have to thank dear ol dad for making me who I am today. Here’s a little tribute to daddy’s everywhere, in specific the one I call my own, and the things they have passed on to their daughters:

  • The love of  baseball games, well all sporting events really…can’t wait to catch a game on Saturday with my dada, hooray for hot dogs and fireworks! 
  • My first pair of pink Nikes…so really it’s not my fault I have a fairly serious shoe addiction.
  • Intense need and/or want to go camping at least twice a year…swimming in the clear blue of Tahoe Lake and making s’mores, delicious!
  • A slightly OCD obsession with organizing anything….including my mother’s cupboards of pots and pans?! Yes, I enjoy doing that.
  • Favorite ice cream flavors…is there any thing better than rocky road and black cherry in a cup with a cone on TOP ?!
  • The importance of checking your oil and tires before a road trip…running out of gas however, that was a live and learn situation.
  • An appreciation for the entire You Might Be a Redneck series and country music… not necessarily related concepts.
  • The proper form and technique for creating and launching the most effective waterballoon.
  • How to park in between the white lines…and to consider parking at the edge of the parking lot if this feat cannot be accomplished.
  • The value of hard work…while not recommended, staying up till 4 am to finish a paper on Othello can be done with a lot of caffinated chai!
  • The gift of giving you time…i.e. thousands of  hours spent at the pool for Saturday swim meets and/or water polo games. 
  • Appreciation of life and family…and just appreciation.
  • Unconditional love.

Now I’m going home to hug my dad! Happy Daddy’s Day!

XoXo cpFashionista


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