Blue Jean Friday

12 Jun

I will let you in on a little secret, one of the simpler pleasures that never fails to excite me has to be receiving MAIL. Trivial, I know. But who doesn’t like finding their name on a piece of unexpected correspondence?! The anticipation of opeing the mailbox to discover what’s inside is a moment I just can’t get enough of.

Imagine my utter excitement when I came home after a long few days away to find not only a heap of miscellaneous letters and bills but tucked underneath it all…a package! What could it be? Upon tearing open the unmarked FedEx box from some warehouse in LA I found a neatly folded pair of thesePaige Denim Skinnies!! Aside from Paige being my absolute favorite denim brand, I have been futilely searching for a solid dark wash skinny jean to wear out at night with a fabulous pair of sky-high stilettos. Well look no further. FREE jeans in the MAIL…heavenly day!

Paige Skyline Drive,  $179.99

Paige Skyline Drive, $179.99

Upon wiggling into the most perfectly fitting suuuper skinnies I have ever attempted I promptly realized these would now become my favorite day-to-night denim, as well as my all around favorite jeans. Needless to say I have proceeded to wear  my Skyline Drive peg legs for three straight days in a row….starting to get strange looks at work…could either be because it appears I have been sleeping in my car, or because I work for a denim company where there is obviously no shortage of JEANS!! Maybe I will give them a day off…but then again maybe not.

Wear your favorite jeans and feel happy all weekend!

XoXo cpFashionista


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