Walk This Way

11 Jun
Puma Jago II, Finishline.com $79.99

Puma Jago II, Finishline.com $79.99

Walking from my office upstairs to the showroom downstairs for the ump-teenth time today I began regretting the decision to wear 4  inch pumps, no matter how cute and suede they may  look with my new jeans. Despite the unseasonably cool weather making it briefly appropriate to done closed-toe shoes for the day,  my feet have become very comfortable with the freedom of summer sandals and these painful pumps made me grumpy.

My thoughts then immediately wandered to the comfort of my Pumas and I can almost feel the cushioned sole nestling my arch. All at once I can’t wait to get home for my nightly walk down to the beach with my toesies happily housed,  boyfriend in hand, ahhh…I feel better already. Only a couple more hours till bliss. On that note, confession: I may be leaving early…

FYI: ((It just so happens that I have quite the extensive repertoire of running shoes and I highly recommend Pumas for my fellow narrow foot people, the fit is very Cinderella and the glass slipper-esque–>i.e. practically perfect)). Check them out at Ladyfootlocker.com and Finishline.com.

Now walk away…. 

XoXo cpFashionista

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