Seeing Double

2 Jun
the Real deal!

the Real deal! Steve Madden, $59.95

It is of no surprise that the most popular and trendy designer must-haves are being knocked off at an increasingly rapid rate. It has gotten to the point that you can almost find the faux version before the genuine original has even made its debut! 

While I do not condone the purchase of replicated goods, and not just because it funds terrorism, but because it takes away from the ingenuity and meaning behind being a designer.  I will confess I have been sucked in on a few occasions and regrettably walked out of a shady store front off Canal Street with my head hung low clutching a suspiciously unmarked plastic bag .

That is however, beside my main point which is while shopping in Huntington Beach this past weekend I saw an original and a knocked-off version of the same sandal SIDE by SIDE! Both comical and somewhat appalling I began wondering which pair- the real or faux- people would actually be more inclined to buy. Which do you go for? The expertly designed or the cheaply copied??

XoXo CpFashionista


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