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Berry Bliss

30 Jun


What is it about summer that makes everyone so excited? Is the hot days and cool treats? The  too teeny bikinis and sun-bleached hair? The do nothing all day and play all night philosophy? I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, the one thing summer time boasts that no other season can claim is the full rights to a plethora of luscious fruit especially Strawberry season!  

Not only do these bountiful berries inspire recipes galore, but also the wonderful world of seasonal fashion items…mmm mmm mmm. Enjoy!

BJ strawberry dress

Betsey Johnson Charmeuse, $334 on sale $199

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Dance Like No One’s Watching

26 Jun


We mourn the loss of the famed King of Pop not only for his musical ingenuity but for the legacy, only decades of daring fashion statements and somewhat obscure behavior, can leave behind. From the solo sequinned glove to the military-inspired jacket to his moonwalking loafers, he has left his mark on fashion and society alike.

In remembrance of a man who not only danced, but also sang, dressed, and lived his life, like no one was watching…

MJ gloveR.I.P. MJ 

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Count Me In

25 Jun


When Sex and the City the movie came out I was less than impressed. However, one night while sipping vino with the BFF we some how ended up on a cinematic adventure of sorts where I was more or less forced to watch Carrie and her gang parade around the city. I was instantly captivated. I laughed, I cried, I loved it to say the least! Upon hearing about the 2010 release of the sequel I could hardly wait to plan my very own girls night out (that which I regretably had defiantly avoided during the monumental first premier). Not this time!

From pink cosmos and petite hors d’oeuvres to my LBD and sky high stillettos no detail will go unnoticed. In fact, that is exactly why I have already begun my quest for the most perfect pair of lust worthy Manolo Blahniks. After all MB is practically their trademarked shoe sponsor, right?! By the time I am sending out invites to my spare-no expense Sex and the City 2 night-out soiree I will have in my possesion (and perhaps on my feet) a brand new pair of these dreamy booties…now the hard part is deciding which pair I love more!

MB fringe

manolo blahnik bootie

Suede Fringe Bootie, Neiman Marcus $835.00

Nappa Leather Gathered  Bootie, Bergdorf Goodman $865.00

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24 Jun

screaming lil girlSome times I only wish I was four again so that on particularly bad days during particularly infuriating moments I could scrrrrreeeeeeaaaamm at the top of my lungs, thrash around a bit, fists hitting the ground until I am so drained of emotion that there is not a movement left in my body. That is how I feel on this very day! However, I am not four anymore…no where even near the age when temper tantrums are appropriate. And so I am forced to find an alternative outlet for alieviating my raging thoughts.

While I sit in my office…door defiantly closed to the world…my options some what limited as to how to calm my nerves, I decide to catch up on my favorite blog followings and promptly fall into la-la land. Day-dreamingly reading from one persons life to another, I am completely captivated by the happenings of others and consider for a brief moment falling asleep on my desk…shhh.  

Here are my favorite entertainers…thanks, you guys rock:,,, …just to name a few!

Got any beat the blues ideas…??

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Like Father Like Daughter

19 Jun


As much we sometimes hate to admit we are for the most part a very direct product of those who raised us, i.e. in most cases a father and/or mother combination. Well I am proud to say I am most definitely my father’s daughter in nearly every way. So while I have to admit they may not be the most feminine qualities…i have to thank dear ol dad for making me who I am today. Here’s a little tribute to daddy’s everywhere, in specific the one I call my own, and the things they have passed on to their daughters:

  • The love of  baseball games, well all sporting events really…can’t wait to catch a game on Saturday with my dada, hooray for hot dogs and fireworks! 
  • My first pair of pink Nikes…so really it’s not my fault I have a fairly serious shoe addiction.
  • Intense need and/or want to go camping at least twice a year…swimming in the clear blue of Tahoe Lake and making s’mores, delicious!
  • A slightly OCD obsession with organizing anything….including my mother’s cupboards of pots and pans?! Yes, I enjoy doing that.
  • Favorite ice cream flavors…is there any thing better than rocky road and black cherry in a cup with a cone on TOP ?!
  • The importance of checking your oil and tires before a road trip…running out of gas however, that was a live and learn situation.
  • An appreciation for the entire You Might Be a Redneck series and country music… not necessarily related concepts.
  • The proper form and technique for creating and launching the most effective waterballoon.
  • How to park in between the white lines…and to consider parking at the edge of the parking lot if this feat cannot be accomplished.
  • The value of hard work…while not recommended, staying up till 4 am to finish a paper on Othello can be done with a lot of caffinated chai!
  • The gift of giving you time…i.e. thousands of  hours spent at the pool for Saturday swim meets and/or water polo games. 
  • Appreciation of life and family…and just appreciation.
  • Unconditional love.

Now I’m going home to hug my dad! Happy Daddy’s Day!

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Sweet Life

18 Jun
I love the DailyCandy artwork!

I love the DailyCandy artwork!

I know I have already shared with you my new found guilty addiction to entering contests and sweepstakes, so I thought I would let you in on this sweeeeet deal I found nestled in my inbox early this morning. 100 days to play…you can come back everyday to win something new…and all you have to do is play a little game of tic-tac-toe, pretty nice set-up if you ask me. Daily Candy never fails to brighten my day! Just click here to play.

Giveaway a day…that is the sweet life!

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Kate Date

16 Jun

kate mantilini

One of the many perks of having my wonderful job is hanging out with the many awesome magazine people, aka the editors and publishers you thought were boring behind-the-desk kind of professionals. Wrong! They’re actually really cool people and they’re a whole lot of fun too. Last night I had the privilege of dining with my friends from Bauer Media at Kate Mantilini’s in Woodland Hills. A little dinner date disguised as “business meeting” is never a bad thing right? The food was pretty good but the company was definitely better!

What do you looove most about your job??

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