Have Your Shirt and Eat…too

22 May

tommy bahama 002We have all heard and/or, at some point, used the gluttonous expression…”Have your cake and eat it too!” Which we also know is impossible to do without some twist of creativity.  However, I recently stumbled upon the most uniquely genius concept I have been impressed by in a long time which seeks to, as the saying implies, have it all. Yesterday I had the pleasure of day tripping to the fabulous city of Las Vegas for a “business meeting,” which conveniently ended earlier than expected leaving me ample time to hit up the somewhat new Town Center mall JUST off the strip behind Mandalay Bay.

tommy bahama 009

In any event, I came across the most fabulous focal point of this particular mall situated in the middle of the Center amongst shady trees and gurgling fountains, a Tommy Bahama store AND restaurant! Whaaaaaat? You can eat AND shop, you can shop then eat, you can eat then shop, you could even shop while you wait to eat! This oasis like retail haven combined with the alluring tropically themed cafe made me more excited than most people would find normal. I applaud the revolutionary idea of combining two of societies favorite past times under one roof. Expertly decorated with extreme attention to every last detail, I actually felt like I was on a tropical island somewhere far far away from the desert.

Paradise achieved!

XoXo cpFashionista


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