You’re Trippin…

20 May

Well actually I AM trippin…all the way to fabulous Las Vegas, and for work too! No matter that I will only breathe that wonderful Nevada air for less than 7 hours, I am none the less excited for my first ever day-long business trip. And of course the first thing I thought about…and have continued thinking about it…is WHAT AM I GOING TO  WEAR??

Well a quick trip to eased my worrying. A cute yet chic dress, comfortable to wear and perfect for the scorching Vegas heat; complete with a pair of comfy flats that won’t destroy my toesies! Now all I need is my boarding pass and my morning Starbucks and I’m all set to jet set.

flight dresstory burch flat












Shoshanna Cascading Ruffle Dress, $320.00

Tory Burch Rayna Jewel Flats, on sale for $227.50

So i splurged! It’s in the name of business, right??!!

XoXo cpFashionista


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