Strike a Pose

19 May
While I am by no means a self-professed model, I have been reluctantly forced in a “take-one-for-the-team” sort of way into acting as the unofficial Celebrity Pink fit model on what has gradually become a weekly basis. Mind you I warrant no previous skills in this particular department, I have however gotten fairly familiar with what works in terms of stance and positioning for showcasing new product… and what definitely does not! So with that said I figured I would share some tips and tools for successfully flattering pics:

1. Always wear heels! You can be the most un-photogenic person this side of California and yet, a good pair of heels effortlessly elongates your legs and forces your posture into a less archaic position.

2. Remember to breathe! I don’t know why I always hold my breath right before the picture is snapped but if you just breathe normally it relaxes the picture and ensures a more real end result.

3. Finally, monotony gets boring so continually mix it up. Change your stance, move around (not excessively) but slightly to add variety and spontenuity to your pics.


This is a good one...








  XoXo cpFashionista

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