Team Pride: Trashy or Trendy?

18 May
Jess looking hot in her favorite jersey!

Jess looking hot in her favorite jersey!

I will begin by confessing that I, a born and raised Sacramento Kings fan, did in fact spend the majority of Sunday cheering on their long time hated arch rival the Lakers in my very own brand new LAKER jersey. I’m going to Nor Cal hell I know! Although,I opted for the black and white number 16 Gasol rendition of Laker patriotism, therefore escaping the yellow/ purple color sin! So it wasn’t all bad. My father may never forgive me for such Sacramento unfaithfulness, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

As for now, the real question is how team pride is affecting our normally decent fashion sense. Is sporting your favorite colors in dedicated loyalty to your favorite pro team disgracefully trashy or tastefully trendy?? I would have to say it’s all relative to the situation. Game 7…of a 7 game series, definitely constituted a supportive display of team pride and so the jersey (while appropriately accompanying a bikini and minimal accessories) was acceptable for the 3 hour duration of the game.

You have to admit Jessica Simpson looks pretty hot in her man’s  jersey, however Tony in a pair of her daisy dukes may not have quite the same “cuteness” effect. I’m just saying…

How do you rock your team’s colors without coming off somewhat FAN-atical??

XoXo CpFashionista

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