What’s Old Is New Again

12 May
Gossip goes waaaay back!

Gossip goes waaaay back!

Not only are the 80s back and rockin’ fashion harder than ever this fall, but even the television world (the CW to be exact) is enamored with this era and so…bringing it back in true Gossip Girl tradition. As previewed in their flashback episode which aired last night, MondayMay 11th, the CW is expected to debut their Gossip Girl spin-off some time this fall which will follow Serena’s mom Lily through her fashion ooohs, ahhs, and eewws of the Eighties.

All this leather and lace from way back got me itching for a solid trip down vintage lane. And it just so happens that in WWD’s “Gossip Girl” article they so conveniently chronicled several of LA’s hottest shops for vintage finds and all things wonderfully second hand. Which, don’t worry, I will gladly share with you:

1.  The Way We Wore: Los Angeles, CA  (323) 937-0878

2. Wasteland: Los Angeles, CA (323) 653-3028

3. American Rag: Los Angeles, CA (323) 935-3154

Go check it out and tell me what you dig up!

XoXo CpFashionista


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