Shop ’til You Drop…

8 May

…and then shop some more! And shop we did!

Hot hot must've been over 100 DEGREES!

Hot hot must've been over 100 DEGREES!

Yesterday we ventured an hour and a half to blistering Plam Springs to explore all the glory Cabazon Outlets has to offer, let me tell you they have A LOT to offer! So many stores and so little time. But the real reason for our visit, besides fabulous steals and deals on DESIGNER brands (love!!!), is that Celebrity Pink is taking the plunge…yes it is finally time to debut our very first RETAIL OUTLET store!

OMG I just can’t wait. Scheduled for a possible end of  ’09 grand opening date, more likely early 2010, you will finally be able to shop Celebrity Pink. The best part is that it’s Celebrity Pink at outlet prices!!! Now that’s something to shout about…

Outlet malls are just soooo 2009! All the cool kids are doing it, so get out there and find some sales!

TGIF, cpFashionista

2 Responses to “Shop ’til You Drop…”

  1. aw June 11, 2009 at 7:29 am #

    Congratulations on the store! I really enjoy reading your blog. The posts are delightfully brief and informative and well written. I would love to know if there is a Twitter to go along with it!!!!

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