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I’ll Drink to That

26 May
mmm Sushi & Sangria

mmm Sushi & Sangria

It seems that fashion is not the only seasonally inspired perk of summer, apparently vibrant drinks are taking their queue as well. While venturing to Kabuki Sushi in LA for some nourishment and weekend refreshments we were lured by the tempting names of the above  Peach Pit and Kabuki Signature drinks and simply had to try them for ourselves.  Upon seeing the actual concoction my thoughts immediately spun to my Shop-it-to-me salemail where I recalled fun dresses in similar colors. Could it be that fashion and food are seasonally similar?

sangria dresspeach pit dress

Cascading Flower Dress, Free People $128

Twisted Florals Dress, Free People $168 on sale  only $69.95

XoXo CpFashionista

Have Your Shirt and Eat…too

22 May

tommy bahama 002We have all heard and/or, at some point, used the gluttonous expression…”Have your cake and eat it too!” Which we also know is impossible to do without some twist of creativity.  However, I recently stumbled upon the most uniquely genius concept I have been impressed by in a long time which seeks to, as the saying implies, have it all. Yesterday I had the pleasure of day tripping to the fabulous city of Las Vegas for a “business meeting,” which conveniently ended earlier than expected leaving me ample time to hit up the somewhat new Town Center mall JUST off the strip behind Mandalay Bay.

tommy bahama 009

In any event, I came across the most fabulous focal point of this particular mall situated in the middle of the Center amongst shady trees and gurgling fountains, a Tommy Bahama store AND restaurant! Whaaaaaat? You can eat AND shop, you can shop then eat, you can eat then shop, you could even shop while you wait to eat! This oasis like retail haven combined with the alluring tropically themed cafe made me more excited than most people would find normal. I applaud the revolutionary idea of combining two of societies favorite past times under one roof. Expertly decorated with extreme attention to every last detail, I actually felt like I was on a tropical island somewhere far far away from the desert.

Paradise achieved!

XoXo cpFashionista

You’re Trippin…

20 May

Well actually I AM trippin…all the way to fabulous Las Vegas, and for work too! No matter that I will only breathe that wonderful Nevada air for less than 7 hours, I am none the less excited for my first ever day-long business trip. And of course the first thing I thought about…and have continued thinking about it…is WHAT AM I GOING TO  WEAR??

Well a quick trip to eased my worrying. A cute yet chic dress, comfortable to wear and perfect for the scorching Vegas heat; complete with a pair of comfy flats that won’t destroy my toesies! Now all I need is my boarding pass and my morning Starbucks and I’m all set to jet set.

flight dresstory burch flat












Shoshanna Cascading Ruffle Dress, $320.00

Tory Burch Rayna Jewel Flats, on sale for $227.50

So i splurged! It’s in the name of business, right??!!

XoXo cpFashionista

Strike a Pose

19 May
While I am by no means a self-professed model, I have been reluctantly forced in a “take-one-for-the-team” sort of way into acting as the unofficial Celebrity Pink fit model on what has gradually become a weekly basis. Mind you I warrant no previous skills in this particular department, I have however gotten fairly familiar with what works in terms of stance and positioning for showcasing new product… and what definitely does not! So with that said I figured I would share some tips and tools for successfully flattering pics:

1. Always wear heels! You can be the most un-photogenic person this side of California and yet, a good pair of heels effortlessly elongates your legs and forces your posture into a less archaic position.

2. Remember to breathe! I don’t know why I always hold my breath right before the picture is snapped but if you just breathe normally it relaxes the picture and ensures a more real end result.

3. Finally, monotony gets boring so continually mix it up. Change your stance, move around (not excessively) but slightly to add variety and spontenuity to your pics.


This is a good one...








  XoXo cpFashionista

Team Pride: Trashy or Trendy?

18 May
Jess looking hot in her favorite jersey!

Jess looking hot in her favorite jersey!

I will begin by confessing that I, a born and raised Sacramento Kings fan, did in fact spend the majority of Sunday cheering on their long time hated arch rival the Lakers in my very own brand new LAKER jersey. I’m going to Nor Cal hell I know! Although,I opted for the black and white number 16 Gasol rendition of Laker patriotism, therefore escaping the yellow/ purple color sin! So it wasn’t all bad. My father may never forgive me for such Sacramento unfaithfulness, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

As for now, the real question is how team pride is affecting our normally decent fashion sense. Is sporting your favorite colors in dedicated loyalty to your favorite pro team disgracefully trashy or tastefully trendy?? I would have to say it’s all relative to the situation. Game 7…of a 7 game series, definitely constituted a supportive display of team pride and so the jersey (while appropriately accompanying a bikini and minimal accessories) was acceptable for the 3 hour duration of the game.

You have to admit Jessica Simpson looks pretty hot in her man’s  jersey, however Tony in a pair of her daisy dukes may not have quite the same “cuteness” effect. I’m just saying…

How do you rock your team’s colors without coming off somewhat FAN-atical??

XoXo CpFashionista

All My Boyfriends

14 May

boyfriend trend

I’m aware that the boyfriend jean craze caught on like wildfire and has all but burnt out the trend. Not to worry because they were then quickly followed by the likes of AG Jeans’ ex-boyfriend crop and now…apparently everything has gone “boyfriend.” Bigger, baggier, looser fitting…that’s the look. From boyfriend blazers (Not a fan) to boyfriend SHORTS (Yes, shorts. Try that on for size) and eeeeven boyfriend tees, bigger really is better…at least for fall.

Which, actually makes my life much easier! I mean if it is fashionably acceptable to wear my boyfriends clothing then I have an entirely new wardrobe…I don’t know what he’s going to wear, but hey I’m dressed for another season.

Check out your BF’s closet and tell me what you find…

XoXo CpFashionista

(picture courtsey of the lovely


13 May

I’m all for destination weddings! In fact I fully plan on tying the knot somewhere tropical and beachy, walking down the sandy aisle in my barefeet with nothing but a pedicure. However…today I heard a concept I am not sure I have ever been aware of nor particularly know what to think about it.

Picture this: A wedding…fully sponsored, organized, hosted, and executed…ready for this….by and at an outdoor mall. At first I was rather taken a back, but upon further examination of such a proposal I came to the conclusion that it is rather genius.

What are your thought?

XoXo CpFashionista

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