Get Your Own

29 Apr

bikini-body-tour1With summer just around the corner and soooo many totally hot bikinis just begging to be shown off, it only makes sense to look and feel your best so you’re ready when that first beach party invite comes around. Well it just so happens I stumbled upon the solution, the most seasonally appropriate way to GET YOUR OWN rockin’ body would of course be to spend a day working out and playing hard on the beach with some of LA’s hottest fitness gurus andVictoria’s Secret supermodel, Marisa Miller.

I checked out some of the classes and I’ll definitely be sweating it out in the Hard Core Sculpt and Ripped Abs and Arms…and the best part is that this play date is wallet friendly. At only $10 a class, how could you not at least stop by?!

index_181 Check it out at Shape Online and help achieve your summer goal by the time the temp hits 80 degrees.

What else do you do to get in shape or keep your already stellar bikini bod??

XoXo CPFashionista


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