Suit Yourself

23 Apr

My absolute favorite summertime trend has to be BIKINIS. Ok, so i realize bathing suits are more a necessity than a trend but either way I am obsessed. Confession: I own well over 45, yes FORTY FIVE, bikini sets.  Obnoxious? Perhaps a little, but I simply cannot resist how many different styles, colors, patterns, fit, etc. that there are. 

Every occasion requires a specific bikini look, which in turn dictates color, pattern, cut & fit, embellishments, and even possibly brand. With that said I give to you my own personal guidelines for selecting event appropriate bathing attire:

  • Beach and pool bikinis are (can be) bright and playful and are generally functionable  for movement and swimming. Depending on your level of activity these are fun to wear and should make a statement, they express your personality…who you are.
    Betsey Johnson, $188

    Betsey Johnson, $188

  • Salinas Party Bikini, only $44

    Salinas Party Bikini, only $44

  • Boating, water sports, & water park bikinis need to be more durable and secure. i.e. side-tie string bikinis and too teeny triangles top are most likely a no-go. Any color and/or pattern goes because hey, you’re out having fun and your bathing suit should show it! I try to avoid anything that could rub or scratch in the case of a wakeboarding/ tubing incident J
  • Spa bikinis can be more risqué because you’re not really moving much; I mean honestly it’s kind of difficult to swim very far in a spa. However, it is generally a good idea to keep hardware and embellishments to a minimum as these don’t hold up so well against the strong chlorine content generally associated with Jacuzzis. 
  • Vegas bikinis! Enough said. This is where you can really have fun because pretty much annnyything goes. Think loud and obnoxious; sequins, glitter, gold, whatever makes you feel hot!


L*Space Gold Digger, $136

L*Space Gold Digger, $136




And of course don’t forget to pair it with an awesome cover up, maybe some Celebrity Pink  cut-off shorts…

Sunshine and summertime!!

XoXo cpFashionista


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