Lunch at the Delhi

15 Apr
Just Lunching at the Delhi

Just Lunching at the Delhi

I am going to admit that I did something I never thought I would bring myself to do…I chose Lunch at the Delhi! I know I know but it’s not what you’re thinking. I didn’t get to go to India on a sweet vaca, in all honesty I am actually referring to the color of my pedicure 🙂 I have always been adamantly against the color coral (in any shade) and especially in the form of nail polish. However, as I perused my color options at my favorite mani/pedi spot, Nailtique in Newport, a color caught my eye and proceeded to hold my attention. OPIhappens to be my favorite nail polish brand, solely for their clever names, and on this particular visit Lunch at the Delhi stole my heart.  

My obsession with the names of nail polish colors is somewhat ridiculous I do realize, but I confess I have been known to select  a color largely based on the name and secondarily influenced by the actual shade. In honor of impending warmer weather I decided on this awkwardly orange/pink coral combo, and oddly enough it made summer seem just a little closer.

What name does your favorite nail polish go by??? Or even better, if you could name a name polish what would you call it??

XoXo CPFashionista


One Response to “Lunch at the Delhi”

  1. fabulouslyglamorous April 22, 2009 at 2:34 pm #

    Love Opi.

    Happy Earth Day!

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