Here Comes the Bride…& Groom & Entire Wedding Party

15 Apr
Love is...

Love is...

Let’s just say for the sake of sounding relatively sane that I have recently become somewhat enamored, well actually OBSESSED would be more accurate, with weddings! No, not because I myself am engaged but because my lil baby brother has tied the knot and is now planning the traditionally elaborate “big day” with his beautiful bride. So expect much wedding talk in the coming months…everything from the most prominent decision; the dress, to the less important yet equally as exciting details including location, decor, bridesmaids, shoes, bow ties & cumber-buns, and …the cake!

Today, in light of Spring time and all things flowing and fairy-like I give to you the first wedding dress personal favorite of my own, beginning with…

Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

The new Mrs. looking simply heavenly in her vintage Betsey Johnson crochet dress. It matches the scene just so well and actually makes you want to be apart of the moment.
Oh to be in love….
XoXoXo cpFashionista

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