Born To Be Wild

10 Apr
You better shape up...cause we're rockin out!

You better shape up...cause we're rockin out!

So after this crazy week at Majors Market week in LA I can officially confess that yes in deed, I was born in the wrong generation!Not only was I more than obliged to sport the Celebrity Pink 80s rock inspired fall back-to-school line each and every day of market, I was actually excited and possibly somewhat obsessed. The theme and inspiration of Celebrity Pink’s fall ’09 line is greatly attributed to the rock and roll trends of the 80s. I’m talking studded denim vests and super skinny hot pants, neon stretch legging denim and motorcycle jackets. Oh yes! The whole 9 yards…the Celebrity Pink showroom was something akin of a decade flashback to when denim anything was big and hair was even bigger!

On more than one occasion I even felt the need to burst into song Olivia Newton-John status but some how resisted the urge. This brings me to the absolute finishing touch of our eclectic recreation of an 80s vibed music video, and for me the definitive feature of our entire showroom,  which was the 5 and a half hours of 80s play lists we slaved over, and then fully rocked out to for 72 consecutive hours. I suppose the guilty confession is that when i left work…I didn’t exactly quit the part, in fact I continued to rock out- in my car- to Eye of the Tiger and Billie Jean at the top of my lungs for the better part of, well no actually for my ENTIRE drive home.

Throw on Walking on Sunshine in 5 PM rush hour traffic and tell me you don’t at the least crack a smile, but I’m betting you won’t be able to fight the urge to sing along…really loudly 😉

Rock out fashionistas!!

XOXO cpFashionista


One Response to “Born To Be Wild”

  1. Olga April 17, 2009 at 4:28 am #

    Thanks for the bag is really nice!!!

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