What’s In A Name?

25 Mar
I suppose it goes without saying that society as a whole is primarily brand driven when it comes to purchasing decisions. Even more so when the consumer is fashion conscious and/or even remotely aware of seasonal styles and trends. So we have to examine more closely what exactly is in a specific name that makes it more likable, recognizable,  and ultimately buy-able than its competitor. When is it that a company makes the transition from a name to a brand?

My mother has always called me a brand whore and I will say I spent most of my adolescence defiantly denying this accusation. However, I have come to realize that while I wouldn’t say I am solely influenced by brand names I am in almost every instance pre-biased and therefore more likely to by what I know and already love.

I must actually confess that yes, I have bought things…clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry the like…not because I immediately liked the product but because of the LABEL which I most likely discovered after my original perusal. Clothes I could have lived without somehow become much more necessary upon realization that they are in fact a product of my favorite designer. That cute little Juicy“J” gets me everytime, and for some reason I find an excuse to buy yet another variation of the same freakin zip up sweat suit!!

Honestly, how many shades of purple can you make in velour??!

Honestly, how many shades of purple can you make in velour??!

What’s your secret brand obsession?? Tell me what label your credit card just can’t resist…

XoXo cpFashionista


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