Betsey Johnson Makes Quite the Entrance

23 Mar
Amazing fashion show!

Amazing fashion show!

First of all I have realized that in reference to my original claim… “Confessions of a fashion addict” I should in actuality and all fairness be providing you with some insight into the secrecy of my thoughts. So for this week I will confess that while I did in fact spend the weekend running around Vegas…aside from the excitement and the lights, my favorite thing about this sinful city is the eclectic fashion sense such a scene breeds. I love to people watch, to look, to stare, and to secretly judge each and every ensemble I silently observe. I may not be a fashion critic by profession, but I most definitely have made a hobby out of doing so for my own pleasure.

Runway cuties<3

Runway cuties<3

So there we were walking the Fashion Show mall (for those of you trying to picture exactly which shopping venue this may be, it is the spaceship looking building directly across the street from the Wynn and Palazzo) in fabulous Las Vegas and I suddenly found myself amidst an actual emerging fashion show. What I came only seconds later to realize was that this was no ordinary fashion show…but, the runway entourage of none other than my absolute favorite fashion crazed designer…Betsey Johnson!!! 

Now what I mean when I say “emerging” is that where once was merely a roped off segment of the marble concourse, quickly became an actual raised catwalk complete with an entire backstage area and models. The set quite literally came from below the floor much to the amusement of hundreds of surprised mall shoppers. Not only was the set fantastic, reminiscent of a somewhat 80’s/90’s retro prom, but the dresses were so absolutely Betsey I found myself captivated and much too excited over tulle and sequins.

Pop-up stage...crazy!

Pop-up stage...crazy

Music and light show to match!

Music and light show to match!



One Response to “Betsey Johnson Makes Quite the Entrance”

  1. fabulouslyglamorous April 14, 2009 at 12:05 am #

    Omgshh I love Betsey Johnson. I wish I could attend one of her shows =).

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