Shallow Obsessions

12 Mar

I would just like to say that I found the most entertaining website today and I  had to share. Well actually in all honesty I didn’t “find” the site, someone showed it to me. However that is neither here nor there, what I am really excited about is the phenomenon of It is quite literally  an anything-you-want shopping site, only instead of picking clothes you’re choosing models.

I realize this may sound slightly strange, but I literally spent hours (shhh!) pouring through the conveniently categorized rankings of the Top 20 Sexiest Models and who the next itgirls are most definitely going to be. Most (vainly) entertaining nonetheless was who currently makes the Most Money in modeling. Not surprisingly 4 out of the 5 top earning hotties were Victoria’s Secret models, which I will admit  also made me smile. So what?  I’m addicted to buying underwear and looking at pretty people…

Exhibit A...

Exhibit A...

And now that I have  officially written what can only be cataloged as one of the shallowest accounts of my obsessions I feel the need to go read to children or volunteer doing something worthwhile. While I’m helping the community…go check out…and don’t worry, I’ll put in a couple hours for you too.

Xo CpFashionista

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